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Zevachim 120 -


(a) Rami bar Chama argues with R. Elazar.
1. (R. Elazar): If an Olah for a Bamas Yachid was brought into the Mikdash (Tosfos - and slaughtered there; Rashi - it was slaughtered outside), it is Niklat (receives the law of Kodshei Bamas Tzibur) in every respect.
(b) Question: If it was brought into the Mikdash and taken out, what is the law?
1. Do we say, it is Niklat;
2. Or, since it was taken out, it no longer is like Kodshei Bamas Tzibur?
(c) Suggestion: Rabah and Rav Yosef argued about this! (Rav Yosef says it is Niklat, Rabah says that it is not.)
1. (Mishnah): If Kodshei Kodoshim were slaughtered in the south, Me'ilah applies to them.
2. Version #1 (Our text) Question: If Yardu (they were taken down from the Mizbe'ach (after they caught fire)), do we Ma'aleh (bring them up to offer) them?
3. Answer #1 (Rabah): Lo Ya'alu.
4. Answer #2 (Rav Yosef): Ya'alu.
5. Version #2 (Rashi) Question: If Alu (they came up on the Mizbe'ach), do we take them down?
6. Answer #1 (Rabah): Yerdu.
7. Answer #2 (Rav Yosef): Lo Yerdu. (End of Version #2)
(d) Rejection: No, it is not clear how either of them holds about this:
1. Rabah only said Lo Ya'alu (Rashi - Yerdu) regarding Pasul Kodshim brought on the Mizbe'ach, for the Mizbe'ach is Mekadesh only what is fitting for it - but perhaps Mechitzos (the walls of the Azarah) are Kolet even Pesulim!
2. Version #1 (our text): Rav Yosef only said Ya'alu regarding Kodshim offered in the place they were Hukdash for, but perhaps Mechitzos are not Kolet Kodshei Bamas Yachid!
3. Version #2 (Rashi): Rav Yosef only said Lo Yerdu regarding Kodshim slaughtered and offered in the same place, but perhaps Mechitzos are not Kolet Kodshim slaughtered outside! (End of Version #2)
4. Or, perhaps one or both of them would not distinguish!
(e) This question is not resolved.
(f) R. Yanai was unsure about the matter that Rabah and Rav Yosef argued about:
1. Question (R. Yanai): If limbs of an Olah of (Rashi - slaughtered on) a Bamas Yachid Alu on the Mizbe'ach and Yardu, what is the law?
i. If they had not caught fire, surely, Lo Ya'alu;
ii. The question is if they had caught fire.
2. R. Yanai did not resolve this question.
(g) Opinion #1 (Rav or Shmuel): A Korban slaughtered at night may be offered on a Bamas Yachid; (Rashi's text - Opinion #1 is (definitely) Rav, Opinion #2 is Shmuel.)
(h) Opinion #2 (The other of Rav and Shmuel): It may not be offered on a Bamas Yachid.
(i) They argue about R. Elazar's law.
1. Contradiction (R. Elazar): It says "Golu Alai *ha'Yom* Even Gedolah" (Avodas Bamas Yachid must be by day) - but it also says "Va'Yagishu...*ha'Laylah* va'Yishchatu Sham"!
2. Answer #1 (Opinion #2): The latter verse refers to Chulin.
3. Answer #2 (Opinion #1): The former verse refers to Kodshim of (Hukdeshu for) a Bamas Tzibur, the latter verse to Kodshei Bamas Yachid.
(j) (Rav): An Olah of a Bamas Yachid does not require Hefshet and Nitu'ach;
(k) (R. Yochanan): It requires Hefshet and Nitu'ach.
(l) They argue about R. Yosi ha'Galili's law:
1. (Beraisa - R. Yosi ha'Galili): The Olah that Benei Yisrael offered in the Midbar did not require Hefshet and Nitu'ach, Hefshet and Nitu'ach only began in the Ohel Mo'ed.
2. R. Yochanan holds that once the Ohel Mo'ed was set up, all Olos require Hefshet and Nitu'ach, both of Bamas Tzibur and Bamas Yachid;
3. Rav holds that only Olos of a Bamas Tzibur require this.
2) DIFFERENCES BETWEEN Bamas Yachid AND Bamas Tzibur
(a) Support (for R. Yochanan - Beraisa): The following are Me'akev on a Bamas Tzibur, not on a Bamas Yachid - it must have Keranos, a ramp, a Yesod, and it must be square;
1. (Kohanim must wash from) a Kiyor with a base;
2. Chazeh v'Shok apply to (are given to Kohanim from) Shelamim offered on a Bamas Tzibur, not on a Bamas Yachid.
3. The following apply equally to a Bamas Tzibur and a Bamas Yachid:
i. Slaughter, Hefshet and Nitu'ach, Zerikas Dam permits the meat, Pigul, Mumim and a time limit (for eating Kodshim).
(b) (Mishnah): The following apply equally to a Bamas Tzibur and a Bamas Yachid:
1. A time limit, Nosar and Tamei.
(c) (Beraisa) Question: What is the source that a time limit applies equally to a Bamas Tzibur and a Bamas Yachid?
1. Seemingly, it should not apply! The Torah teaches that Lan (i.e. Nosar) and Yotzei must be burned;
i. Just like Yotzei is Kosher on a Bamas Yachid (there are no Mechitzos), also Nosar (there should be no time limit)!
2. Answer #1: A Kal va'Chomer from birds teaches that there is.

i. Mumim do not Posel birds, but Linah does - Mumim Posel Kodshei Bamah, all the more so Linah does!
3. Objection: A Zar may not Makriv birds (in the Mikdash), we cannot learn to Kodshei Bamah, which a Zar may Makriv!
4. Answer #2: "V'Zos Toras Zevach ha'Shelamim" teaches that Linah is the same on a private or public Bamah.