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Orayot Daf 11 - the messiah priest

Who is the messiah? Anoint anointing oil, not multiple clothes" (sub page k EA).

Late First Temple period shelved King Josiah anointing oil (as explained below, beginning page L AE). Therefore, during the Second Temple high priests wore the eight have special clothes, but not anointed anointing oil. Sub renews the priest who anointed with oil We do not sacrifice a bull on the order wrong. Gemara subsequently discussed at length the priests and kings in Christ and the anointing oil. During the great debate fundamental difference between the king and priest;

"Even a high priest high priest charged a conversation; and Brush King Ben King" (Gemara ibid.)

Ie: the kingdom is inherited, but not a great term. Last discussed within the royal heritage. Renowned in the West (lower edition, Hoshen Mishpat A) permanent hereditary monarchy itself, and therefore do not need a "new Jima", that is: the king's son in front of you automatically, with no appointment. Super signed gown (Part I, Article XII lifestyle). He said that the kings of the nations of the world does the royal sons Murishim automatically, but in the king's son inherits his father only if he fills a place of his ancestors and go on my way to God; this should also king Ben King of the appointment.

Anyway, Barry has a fundamental difference between one of the high priest. As is known, the high priest sacrifices every day, offering high priest. Imperative for this guideline was the case of an order:

"Lord spoke to Moses, saying this was the offering of Aaron and his sons that they offer a 'day it was anointed Moderator rich in fine flour baked in the morning is always half and half in the evening ... the messiah priest under his sons will do you a world Haq Khalil Atakter" (Leviticus F, L - p).

The Torah says that a priest must sacrifice, offering education, to begin work on the temple; offering exactly the same priest sacrifices the messiah "Haq world", ie every day. I think that the significance of this is high priest educated work every day. Job tenure is that there is a spiritual, world spirit and no permanent jobs, contract for life. Gemara Brachot (Dutt CA) talks about John the high priest used a priesthood eighty years, and finally became Zadok. The high priest ever need a constant reminder to strengthen: is representative of all of Israel before the Lord, keep step with spiritual deserves it. So there are no term Great is inherited from father to son, and by our words, there is an inheritance, even the high priest himself, he is appointed every day.

Of course, high spiritual status of the High Priest is also derived from the great tragedy that occurs when he is wrong in teaching and move past. It is no mere sin; is a sin of the highest spiritual representative of the Knesset of Israel before God. Because it has a bull as a sin offering to the priest as a young man who brings nothing public. Sgigitho of the high priest is the "fault of the people" - as if the entire nation has been - which requires restoration of relations between the Israeli Knesset and God.

More about the unique position of high priest Sanhedrin our study P. Page.
Rabbi Avihud Schwartz