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Zvachim Daf 11 - Sacrifices Battle of the day

Sacrifices ya page - "Battle of the day which is not day nor night"

Eleventh page submenu page in deals with two issues, including sentenced, with God's help, the two closest Studies. Seminar will be devoted to the Passover sacrifices morning th May, and review of the renewal will be dedicated next year on the victim is Azai.

Mishna at the beginning of the chapter states, Passover was sacrificed at the time that his name wrong. Although the rest of the year the Passover sacrifice was sentenced to pay, so if you do not sacrifice the Passover, is kosher.

Here, we found disagreement conditions Abmshnatnu interesting:

"Passover on the fourteenth morning slaughtered not for its own sake - Rabbi Joshua device, like slaughtered three ten; Ben Fear not rule out, as if slaughtered between Arabs ..

Passover is a time of dusk th of Nissan, ie from midnight today until sunset. Dispute concerns the terms Nissan th day before midnight today: to know Rabbi Joshua, it is finally time to sacrifice, and therefore liable for its own sake and not Passover time , while knowing a day of fear because it is sacrifice, sacrificing not to name the statue.

Note Amoraim Gemara opinion divided Ben Fear: Rabbi Aushaya believes that a fear discusses the whole th day of Passover as a time of sacrifice, and therefore a court battle name Passover. See John again, the court before midnight, the status of the Passover complex: on the one hand, it is Passover time, and so prepare him if sacrificed to his name, but on the other hand, it is a weekday right, so even if his name is not sacrificed wrong .

Similarly, R. Aushaya difficulty accepting the existence of a split day. Jewish day is the time between evening, there is no way to split the position in the middle of the day. In contrast, receives Rabbi Yehoshua the split of the day, and believe th day begins, in fact, at noon.'s Interim position, see John recognizes th day of Nisan is the day of a dual character: he begins to light fourteen, led Pesach he brought at that time that his name will be disqualified, but starts again at noon the battle Passover device name as of this date. Know R. John, court orders Nissan unique times, far exceeding the time frames throughout the year.

Shas few issues (Greetings T., Pesachim Ak"ach, sacrifices credits, etc.) citing a dispute between Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah, the latest time for eating the Passover: tell Rabbi Akiva, you can eat the Passover until the morning, Ibn Ezra and know you can eat the Passover, but only until midnight. Ibn Ezra's position than Msogyitino integrates innovation: in the time of day th May, are not subject to time limits set out in the world: the time starts at noon, and still day; and ends at midnight, and at the end of the day classic. Well put it, Rabbi Yoel Bin Nun in "salvation by laws of nature and method of Rabbi Akiva":

"On this night, making this a day at midnight, the morning of redemption, breaking the order of nature and law, cable company regime, liberty and the world. Exodus night began - the day began - that morning they had half the Divine Light Night Lights is. Order of time turning over and out By their nature, that nature is no time which starts at noon. "night, half light, half dark, and 'day', half-lit the darkness, half in ordinary light, they are the expression of Torah - reflective halakhic - Exodus miracle acts, which first broke the bonds of slavery in person the people, culture and regime, and opened the way to Mount Sinai and to provide Torah, liberty and the eternal service of God ...
First quarter of the day of Passover is sacrificed, which came after the victim persisted, that is outside the normal order of the victims. Second quarter, on this night, eating the matzah and clear. Passover, the Passover today, belongs not to 14 May and 15 in it. Redemption he belongs. "
Rabbi Avihud Schwartz