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Zvachim Daf 20 - Sacrifices a page about what kind of North

Sacrifices a page about what kind of North

By the way hearing the words of the Mishnah Yoma brings the Gemara (Ach.) important conditions on the controversial idea of setting the "von". In respect of any holy of holies the Torah says (Leviticus A k) - "kill it on the side of the altar northward before the Lord", and conditions our issue divided what this law definitions:

Edtanya: Who is North?
Northern altar wall to wall and against all helped Northern entire altar - North, words of Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Yehuda
Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon adds: Although the hall altar,
Rabbi adds: no place overwriting overwriting legs and place my feet priests of Israel,
But the suits inside out - all admit wrong.

It seems that three conditions express opinions and positions of principle three different understanding of law "North". Know Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Judah only part which is north of the altar itself is considered as "von". It seems he understands the words "on the side of the altar northward" as follows - the altar's thighs are in the north (because the altar is a man lying face north to south and thighs, as explained Abgma Jackman grandparents), and these hips need to slaughter. Anyway there is no meaning to the rest of the northern parts of the help, because Dean Slaughter northern states only in relation to the northern part of the altar which is considered as part of the body of the altar.

Two other views understand the verse differently. The words "side of the altar northward" include a two different settings - "on the side of the altar" means "on the side of the altar" or "pit of the altar" (as Rashi and Targum Yonatan interpreted respectively), whereas the word "north" sets the direction in which the need to slaughter regardless of other directions that are all "side of the altar."

And distribution of Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi stems from understanding the phrase "north before the Lord." Raab"s intent of the verse is on the north side of the altar is considered more "before God" than the southern side and thus have to slaughter it. Anyway it turns out, kind of let alone, they can be slaughtered at the North West also between the hall near the altar that is even more holy Divine certainly a line is also considered "before God."

Although many reviews is that the word "north" is not related not to the words "side of the altar" in front and the words "before the" next. According to Rabbi verse contains three different laws - Din side of the altar "The thing is slaughtering must be done at the altar (and he admits not to kill the suits inside out, where do not see the altar), the" before "means the slaughter must be done in the help, Dean "North" which defines the northern part of the help properly slaughter holy holy. By R. Dean North is not connected to either of two other laws verse, and it stems from a fundamental interest that exists to the north which can express the degree of justice and heroism who slaughter the victims intended to mitigation, the missing side of the world which victims seek or accept other ideas, as explained in the verse sails above (see Srikant and we fought in my life there).
Rabbi Avraham Fall