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Zvachim Daf 21 - nothing wrong with the sink water accommodation

Sacrifices Page XXI - nothing wrong with the sink water accommodation.

Gemara (Acha.) presents a dispute in relation to the stage where Amoraim disqualified who sink accommodation:

Hiyya said Rabbi Yosef: Who sink Nfeaslin Lmtiarin Chmatiarin organs - organs;
Multi Chisda said although Lmtiarin but not Nfeaslin dawn Achabarin page;

Great reviews simple and understandable Chisda. According to him the sanctity of those who sink is as holy temple, and Dinant is disqualified Halina dawn, as written by Rashi (sv no):

All nights not disqualify any saint but dawn.

Although the opinion of R. Yosef Hiyya There are two difficulties. First, it is difficult to understand why he gives the sink and the sanctity of those holy rest which are disapproved of the dawn. Secondly, it is unclear how he divides into those who sink themselves determines Shlenein permitting work (blood work ring finger) are disqualified already sunset and organ work are disqualified only dawn.

To resolve these questions had Ahgree"aza say wrong Halina water from the basin is only rabbinic, and therefore it can create such divisions (that brought his name to speed with Ahgree"m here.) Although the words Tosafot (DH Ahgiah"ah below EA) states explicitly that it was incompetent by the Torah, and thus the above questions stirred return.

Can we explain the method of R. Hiyya fundamental Joseph in two ways. One possibility is that the sanctity of the sink is affected by holiness of those who work to which they are intended, in the words of Rashi - "according to his work is important." In any case, sanctity of water intended to prepare the work of blood and blood is sacred and therefore disqualified sunset also disqualified sunset.

Although it should be noted that the words of Rashi Msatbrim only his opinion in understanding wrong blood sunset. In his view it is wrong wrong with accommodation, and therefore it seems that those who accept the sanctity of the sink of blood will be disapproved also booked sunset. While other first know a special law relating to the blood injection Accommodation is not related to justice (we will expand that to "Well H our study), and therefore difficult to understand how this law will make it my name Halina sink will be disapproved.

Perhaps these questions are causing vision I"s (C, C signal) to interpret the thought of Rabbi Joseph R. Hiyya otherwise:

Because there who sink Qatra but turning them into Lmcctan is Ahaktertan, and when we do not set their time will be disqualified for their time one must we set their time by Ahstamshutan Kiddush.
Thus there is no mitzvah of sanctifying Lmtiarin driving them but a day until sunset, but then you may no longer work for the sanctification of their work sunset unacceptable, that they were prepared water until sunset ... It is time Ahaktertan.

That is, holiness of those who did not sink due to work which they are intended, but the very act of consecration is considered per hectare of water. But in fact you can perform the sanctification of the hands and feet of the blood work until sunset, so water is left after hour Halina disqualified.
Rabbi Avraham Fall