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Zvachim Daf 24 - right injection acceptance

sacrifices pitcher - right injection acceptance

Exercise conditions differed (p EA), whether the priest should get the blood in the right hand. Know Tanna Kamma If left hand was wrong, but according to Rabbi Shimon If the left was kosher. Indeed, both opinions should be shot with his right hand.

Third opinion presents our issue page EA pitcher, is opinion of Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon. In his view, it should be parallel with his right hand, while the shot - left too kosher.

The Gemara explains that the verse clearly divided conditions:

"And the priest shall the blood of the sin offering with his finger and gave the screening of the leaf altar and all the blood spill to the altar" (Leviticus D., LED)

All the conditions agreed, that the word 'finger' indicates that there is to do the job right hand. But the opinion of the Tanna Kamma, the word finger is required both for taking mentioned at the top of the verse, which is the reception, and on giving below the verse, she was shot. According to Rabbi Shimon, however, the word finger is required only to give, and to know his son, Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon, the word finger is required only for the taking.

This question may be, would require the word finger both before and after, or just one of those directions, not just a general question of interpretation, but also depends on understanding the relationship between taking and giving, that is, parallel injection.

One possibility is that the reception is the first step to throw, and you can see them as a single continuous process, which includes the operation of reception, transmission shot. If so, the word finger will be required both before and afterwards, for a single procedure including that word appears in the middle finger. This is the opinion Tanna Kamma.

Second option is that acceptance is an important job in itself, the blood which sanctified server tool. This makes this work an independent, not subject to the work of the injection. However, since most of this work was done in and by the tool, the word does not require finger directed at it, and no reason to require the use of his right hand. This is the opinion of Rabbi Shimon. Indeed, we find that the law Mincha opinion is, that the worker was right, was that in fact the Left '(the page so CA).

Method Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon is the most difficult method by thought - what's the point that acceptance would require the right, the shot is not it?

We may be able to answer that if we examine the case it considers Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon unusual - per reserve. For this sacrifice, thank Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon injection was done right, while the reception was kosher even left.

May be that the bull was shot reserves more important than the reception, because unlike the ordinary victims, who mainly concerned with raising the human sacrifice to God, the victims of the reserves are intended to prepare the tabernacle work. Therefore, ordinary victims reception work more important than shot, as the reception gets take the victim from the person, while the shot is an act performed in the sanctuary to the village, but it does not constitute the bulk of receipt of the victim. Reserve victims, however, was not the main thing to get the blood, that if used at the altar. Therefore, the injection was most important, and should the right.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub