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Zvachim Daf 28 - Sacrifices except for its time outside the

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The Gemara (Achah.-chte.) discussed at length their sources of law except for its time and Dean calculates foreign calculates position. From the words of the Gemara are two fundamental approaches to this question -

A.. Baraita it brings great (Achah.) is studying the two laws and two different verses. Case the long verse order (called Ariachta) deals with foreign calculates law that invalidates his time and requires the victim knew the food, while the short verse holy affair (read Sotera) deals with foreign Thought into place which only invalidates the victim.

On. Great reviews (force) is that both laws have been learned from the verse case of an order, but language of the verse "soul consumes him season shall" indicates that only calculates state except for its time and calculates Understanding foreign place.

Pest issue of the Talmud's words here seem great, they remain a conclusion, although in some places in Shas seems just as baraita (It also depends on changes in versions, and review the words of Rashi and additions Pesachim P: Yoma VII.).

It seems this debate reflects disagreement laws Sources deeper understanding of nature. Baraita desert is not necessarily essential connection between the two laws, except that they both deal with various improper thoughts. Great words indeed from a material standpoint it seems one of Figol law, but that a minority of Midian made in relation to foreign Thought into place.

You can see the traces of this controversy arose in the debate about warning Muni calculates the commandments but his time away place. Feared a book (C-F) wrote:

Ahpsti and found there was no other warning and filth, urea Abatroweihu These are Lukin Vmspca Len Mhiacha to import a teacher was right.
Humble excused Philip Murray Aoun Aoun remained in for the chopped, Omahiacha Danpca Len made Lapigol Nfeca (IPE Edazaabhim) not flogging.
Waachti Akshia Len outside the place where out of place because we no warning.

That is, the Torah does not say explicitly ban eating in relation to foreign Thought about Thought its time and foreign place. Even when managed with fear (the name of his teacher) to find the source of the prohibition but for its time, still hard for him to count to ban out of place, and it remains in effect hardship "to import a teacher was right."

Although Ramban (Bahsagoatio the Book of Commandments of Maimonides, remember Halawein e) had no trouble with this question:

There already have in place that calculates foreign calculates its time flogging sacrifice but did study both Torah and if so Lukin on the eating of it as Lukin that both Huakshu both written Figol said Cram will Shmcterpen each other between the rule of thought between flogging our eating. Scripture rarely not one, not years away but the only recognition.

That is, the Ramban understands that there is sufficient warning to foreign Thought its time, and thus knock her foreign Thought into place. Ramban explains the statement that both laws Huakshu absolutely another one law and fact, like the words of the great Vsugein. Although opinion is probably afraid that these two separate laws, which have a special warning to everyone, and the words baraita who smiled at them two different verses.
Rabbi Avraham Fall