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Zvachim Daf 31 - Sacrifices Weakc asleep Ahfigol

Sacrifices Page Not - Weakc asleep Ahfigol

Great multi Mnona divided, what is the court case where a man thought to eat half the olive except for its time, place another half-half but added its time. Great to know two half Ahachziat join Lapigol, while multi Mnona know they do not join, as already bet half the small amount calculates its time but the first with a tiny bit but calculates half position.

As a basis for their claims, never bring impurity Amoraim examples - with the rate of food impure egg rank 'First' impure egg rate rank 'two' interfere with each other, and then the mixture is divided in two, we refer to each of mixtures obtained the rank-two only. But if we guaranteed the two mixtures one big mix, a couple of eggs, will be state law, first. This great learned that you can return to 'wake' the impurity or Ahfigol allegedly joined another matter.

Add (DH Ha), wondered about the comparing of the laws Figol great laws of impurity. Non,

"What's matter with it? Edgba victim when he said half and half olive olive foreign place except for its time it had already rejected the victim does not return and do Figol. But the first half egg and half an egg two bet, Danasah hand, there is no point of an egg by the first half was canceled, but because Medellin Force him unclean in itself! Thus, with half an egg Achshicterp First Why not be the first? "

That is, add-ons claim that comparable laws. Of impurity, the combination of half an egg Unholy first rank with half an egg Unholy rank two does not affect the first half. About the laws Figol, however, after we join the first half olive foreign calculates its time with half a tiny bit of thought out of place, was disqualified the victim, and indeed the first half very small amount can not even foul!

It seems that the answer to this question, therefore annotation great position, lies in understanding the mixing computer and out of place except for its time. One possibility is to understand that similar laws went impurity. That is, except for its time out of place are thoughts that run disqualify the victim in a similar manner, but calculates its time but more severe. As so, in case there is half a tiny bit from one of the thoughts, we can attach them on the basis of lowest common denominator, a victim will be disqualified. According to this view, right words of extras, claims of great difficulty.

A second approach in understanding the relationship between foreign policy back down to its time, is that the computer but its time is not only more severe but significantly different. Computer to get the victim up a computer should reject. However, the computer did not eat the victim at the time, does not rule out the victim computer, but to behave in that policy. Of course, this behavior will lead to the victim, ultimately, to the wrong. But while the computer to eat but back problem stems from his mind to reject the victim, the problem of the computer to eat but its time is an attempt to change the laws of the victim.

According to this option will be understood why the victim calculated to foreign place can no longer be Figol. To the victim could Loatpgal, that is, a person would plan to change the policy, it is required apart from the change, be it offering kosher.

In light of this option, a combination of half olive and half a tiny bit but its time but in place since Sahfigol made possible only by half a tiny bit does not apply. Therefore, had no thought ban here but that can join with half a tiny bit of thought but calculates wrong place.

However, once there is a second thought about half a tiny bit but its time, 'waking' first thought of but his time awake, and she still thought wrong, but thought Figol, since together with the other half a tiny bit of thought turns out that there are significant enough to change the laws of the victim. Therefore, we do not see it long as the computer wrong, but that calculates Figol, and she joins a tiny bit more with the other half into place.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub