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Zvachim Daf 38 - sacrificed - three gifts sins

Sacrifices damp page - three gifts sins

"Said Rabbi Yohanan: Three Gifts sins do not come at night and come after death and more of them out there must.
Rav Papa said: There are beginning and there are foreign end foreign night and forefinger washing Foundation Server poems Achatgeltan unhealthy and dying and Ayela Gui Mpgala end "

The simple understanding of the Gemara is that Rav Papa did not come to disagree with Rabbi Yochanan, only to expand the details of Laws III additional gifts.

Although the field Netziv Roman numerals, Page No IA, Dike from the Rambam not so. Rambam, Laws of sculptural Ahmukedshin Chapter II, D laws rules - and the three laws of Rabbi Yohanan of three gifts, and Secretary all the laws of Rav Papa.

Besides Maimonides, Netziv basing his comments also means Rashi issue. Rashi, sv "Rabbi Yohanan said, explaining that throwing the three gifts the night, since blood is rejected sunset. On these remarks hawkish claimed "in that if it was Rabbi Yochanan agrees with Rav Papa, that charge has made a wreath on the three gifts, which means they are called work, it could not make them the night of Midian, on his team, saying that construction projects are not conducted at night, and had to be asked waste blood sunset.

That is, to know Netziv divided multi Papa John R. Understanding the Dean G. other gifts.

Note the dispute, you can suggest the following explanation: according to Rav Papa, is giving everything, not a whit different from the first giving. The only difference is that the atonement actually been carried out by first giving. Therefore, all laws relating to her village do not treat other gifts.

According to Rabbi Yochanan, however, three additional gifts to differ materially from giving first. First giving the work is indeed a victim. Three additional citizenship are simply having disinfecting the altar, and therefore they are considered work which undertakes foreign injection.

Distribution may be related to how Hillel learned that three additional gifts are not inhibited. Gemara on Les EA undecided whether his verses Hillel four funds, and therefore concluded that one commandment three delay, or Sasfiratm raised five funds, and hence concluded that four commandment one delay. Between the two studies there is a big difference - is a condition in which one injection was given only equal to that given four injections, but not completely Mcvtho took place, or whether these are two different situations with two different studies - a condition in which one state was given an injection which was given four.

According to the possibility that the praise his book only four funds, the first implies giving equal second third and fourth, but the former hinders the rest did not. This means that according to Rav Papa, each of citizenship is an act of working in itself but only the first excused. According to the second option, that the Hill book five funds, implies that the atoning work of giving itself, and Dean giving the four horns on its own. Hence it seems more than Rabbi Yochanan - first shot is the existence of the victim's work, while other shots of the funds are having disinfecting the altar, but not the work of the victim.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub