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Zvachim Daf 42 - sacrificed - Sacrifices - Figol half permits

Sacrifices Page B - Figol half permits

The Gemara (Ma: - B:) discussed at length the controversial Rabbi Meir Rabbis, in an attempt to determine whether law Figol divided in half permits. I mean, is thought Figol action is only part of the permitting, such as a blood sacrifice some Amazaut per hectare or part of the required guiding, Mpgalat the victim.

What is fundamental disagreement on this question? Apparent explanation could be given permits half foul, because it is not significantly different from Midian Figol standard. For calculates Ahfigol is also normal is only one work (Slaughter, receipt, transmission or injection) and yet it creates law Figol right on the victim whole.

The position can not believe half foul permits (RM opinion) can be explained in two ways -

A.. Half of work permits is not important enough to apply to Dean Figol. Precisely one complete work of the four works the victim has such significance that by thinking that you can spoil the whole victim.
On. Half work permits can not treat the victim whole. Four works of atonement, even though each is only one step in her village, relate to each victim whole. Half work permits but only refers to half the essence of the victim and therefore could not apply its law Figol essentially treats the entire sacrifice.

A blessing Jacob (sacrifices C-order) showed expression can be found these two girls Rashi controversial additions our issue. At one point, trying Gemara (Mb.) compare reviews Rabbis (half Figol not permitted) and the opinion of Rabbi Eliezer law flosses except:

"Rava said: Man Smart? Rabbi Eliezer is
Edtanne: a handful, frankincense, incense, priests facilitator, facilitator Cohen Messiah, facilitator agree, sacrificing one of them a tiny bit out there - must, and R. Eliezer Potter to sacrifice them all. "

Ie, comparable with that believe smart reviews Figol half permits and reviews of Rabbi Eliezer dismissed the Makteer half allows outside. Conclusion, rejected the comparison because the Gemara the opinion of Rabbi Eliezer is actually per hectare rather than throwing blood:

Rava said: thank Rabbi Eliezer prevent bloodshed! Edtanne, Rabbi Eliezer and R. Simeon say: From ruled out it starts!

Additions were divided in understanding Rashi Gemara process. Words of Rashi (sv Edtanne) indicates that a complete comparison between the laws, on the grounds that they were foreign law and law Figol demand "work is complete." First option seems remarks delivered earlier, half flaw is that no permit is complete and important work. Although Tosafot (DH such as DH Mann) write that this is not a complete comparison, and those required by law flosses permitted except on half Mpgalim can say that half the permits. what they said is the drawback Abfigol Because we allow half the work but because the importance of Dean Figol should be specifically related to permitting the victim whole, the second option that was brought above.

[Perhaps this controversy is also standing at the base of a dispute Rashi (Les: DH so) and additions (Ma: DH May) over whether those who think that Figol allows admits victim half wrong, no room to extend it.]
Rabbi Avraham Fall