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Zvachim Daf 46 - sacrifices - Blood disqualified sunset

Sacrifices Page Well - Blood disqualified sunset

Stated in the Gemara (Nu.)

'Said Isaac Bar Lost: Where the blood disqualified sunset? Said: "On the altars eat sacrificed, on the day that you sacrificed You sacrifice, you sacrificed on the day that you are not sacrificing."

Rav Yitzchak Bar Avdimi renewed, based on a sermon verse, the blood of sacrifice is rejected sunset. Commentators found it difficult to understand what the practical implications of this innovation, since we know that another school ("day crew") can not do any work of atonement at night, in any case not thrown out all blood during the day would have to wait until the next morning and then be disqualified Halina!

First and last offered several answers to this question. Rabbeinu Tam (cited Tosafot DH where) realized that Rabbi Yitzhak Bar Avdimi renewed unlike other works that can be carried out until nightfall, a kosher blood injection until sunset. Another option was presented with the roar of a lion (symbol Q) wrote that the novelty is that injections are inhibitory atonement prohibited at night, unlike other works that are inhibitory (such as incense Imurim spilling remnants) that kosher night.

Carefully and will focus on the response of the Rashi (sv / day) to this question, and try to learn from the essence of renewal of R. Isaac:

"And the means:" On the altars of sacrifice, that will be coming Uzeviahah one day and not dissuaded Helena Lia altar Laachsuri head shot tomorrow. "

To understand the words of Rashi have to anticipate and say that there are opinions in the Gemara (below Paz.) Waste does not exist at the top accommodation altar. According to these opinions could accommodate the blood at the top of the altar and throw him the next morning without having to be disqualified, so you need the words of Rabbi Isaac renewed impossible to do so.

Still have to discuss the essence of the novelty of Rabbi Isaac, and why the delay really will not help the blood at the top of the altar. The simple answer to this question is that the new law says that the act of injection should be made on which became a slaughter, and as seen simplifies the words of Rabbi Isaac - "The day you sacrificed you are sacrificing."

It may look different exact words can be grouped method. Abshitma"ak (Type H) were the words of Rashi change one small but significant:

"Interpreted the pamphlet may concern Hiacha rose immediately after sunset and before dawn the head of the altar ... "

Desert Ahstam"ak can understand that it if the blood was raised back of the altar after sunset renewed Rabbi Isaac he was disqualified, but if he is raised to the altar still day the next injection was also minister after the words of Rabbi Isaac. From this we can be precise Dean "on sacrifice" is not a lawyer the act of injection should be done on the slaughter, because it will benefit Helena Atla head altar still day, but only the introduction of Dean Accommodation blood dawn sunset. As the method is also grouped elsewhere in the words of Rashi (Pesachim Feb., offerings as:) which put the fate of Rabbi Isaac under the heading of "illegal lodging."
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