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Zvachim Daf 47 - sacrifices - time for eating the Passover

Nez Page sacrifices - time for eating the Passover Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah

Come on EA Mishna states -

"Passover is eaten only at night, and eat only until midnight."

Gemara on Nez EA Dyke, that this year's method was repeated Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah, believes that the time for eating by the Torah Passover ends at midnight. Duke it out Gemara of the tongue, but by midnight.

Compare the first issue and the Tosefta Pesachim, Chapter V's gone (gone M. Lieberman Edition) -

"Passover but do not eat and eat only at night until midnight and there remains obligated to reject it and thought there abomination until dawn to come."

If we apply the precision of the Talmud Tosefta also about, it becomes clear to us that the method also was said Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah, believes biblical Passover we eat only until midnight tonight. But then very intensifies the difference between introduction to a confiscated Vahsifa - if indeed the victim's time is to midnight, why does not he is left only at dawn? Moreover, why Thinker eaten after midnight, but before dawn to come, is not considered as computer ate out for its time, and does not apply Figol sacrifice?

Light glad explained the method of Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah well well. Maimonides (Laws of Chametz and Matzah episode went a), wrote that despite the happy light in the opinion of Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah, while eating the Passover ends at midnight, however it does not end the victim's eating time. In his opinion, should be divided between the status of the victim, and Eating Matzah Passover. Matzah Passover is eating only until midnight, but the victim remained as Minister until this morning. And so, remains as the other commandments of eating the victims.

Light and happy even sharpen the difference between the commandment of eating the Passover sacrifice, holy and the commandment of eating in general. Eating Matzah Mitzvah Passover is imposed on the person, and therefore orders each of at least eat a tiny bit. Eating team endowments not eat human commands, but commands the owner to ensure that the victim would eat and not give it until the morning. As such, even if the victim will divide the number of people, so that none of them will not get a tiny bit, still survived eating matza endowments.

Accordingly, the glad light explains the Tosefta which we opened. Indeed, according to the Tosefta repeated Elazar Derby. Therefore, while eating the Passover, the Passover commandment is to midnight. But even after midnight, still commanded the victim owners worry about eating up the controller, then the victim will be left. And so, no eating after midnight, but its time to eat is considered holy law, and thought Mpgalat the victim.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub