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Zvachim Daf 49 - Sacrifices - Altar damaged all endowments slaughtered there Psulin

Sacrifices Page Forums - Altar damaged all endowments slaughtered there Psulin

Net page Gemara brings the great words, that in case it damaged the altar, endowments improper slaughtered. Source that is brought on behalf of Rabbi Ishmael and Rabbi Yossi -

"Sacrificed peace to the Aolotiach and Shlmich, and must you sacrificed? But, when complete, he is missing."

The Gemara then states that Rabbi Yohanan divided lot about animals not yet slaughtered when the disqualification of the altar. According to Rabbi Yochanan also notes Mlockerab, and shall not be another victim even after the altar to be corrected, and many do not know animal notes.

But this link the issue of delay victims Gemara raises an important question. The wrong altar damaged can we learn from the verse (Deuteronomy deja, f) -

"Build the whole stones the altar of 'A - Lord your God"

If so, the altar has been corrupted is not kosher injection. Since so, apparently do not need another verse, and sacrificed peace him. After all, the fact that you can not throw the blood sacrifice to atone, she herself is a delay, as the fact that the verse, and sacrificed peace to 're wrong caused to the victim himself more as a result of waning of the altar.

The first dealt with this question, around the small issue Q EA - Units AE. The issue where it turns out, there are two modes of waning at the altar. The first is waning altar stones themselves and rested to Ahgyrat finger (and according to another opinion there, Abachziat). The second is the lime that connected the altar stones together (see the Laws of the selection, P), and its rate Abchtepah.

Accordingly, the proposed Ramban (where Q AB DH Vha Damarinne), verse, whole stones, were told specifically about the stones, while the 'sacrificed peace he came to renew no fault with lime reject. And if so, apparently, did not come verse teach us the disqualification of the victims in preterm infants altar, and the same standard delay, but just goes to show that Sid O waning waning.

Other excuse, it brings Ahritab"a (YT CA Asod"ah name huh Vsida), is the verse "whole stones, came to order about how the construction, while the verse, and sacrificed peace he came to teach even after construction is important the integrity of the altar .

Third excuse is presented in real language of our issue sacrificed Net CA. He explains, the verse "whole stones is a mitzvah, while 'sacrificed peace it is Laichuba, came to teach at the altar flaw invalidates it even in retrospect.

I will propose here another way to resolve the problem, which may at least it fits with some of the above excuses. Ostensibly, the verse about names, it is mentioned, and sacrificed peace about him, talking on the altar of land. This is the language of the verse in full:

"I will make an altar and sacrificed peace of land on the Altiach and Shlmich the sheep and Abckerach every place that I will mention my name I will bless you."

The Torah speaks of the altar on deja things, the altar and another is apparent, the altar stone -

"Secondly there an altar to her, A - Lord your God did not raise an altar of stones iron them: Build the whole stones the altar of 'A - Lord your God ..."

Indeed, Chazal Yarrow that in both cases means that an altar is an altar standing outside help. Altar is made of stones, but it must be attached to the ground. Should now: verse, whole stones, Dan Abachsharotho of the altar itself, and verse, and sacrificed peace to Dan Abachsharotho of the altar from being connected to help. connection of the altar and help is essential - the sanctity of a place that can help victims to butcher him depends on the altar as it is, and that's just the law learned from the verse, and sacrificed peace about him. kosher slaughter because the reality of the altar sanctifies Help. Accordingly, a defect connecting the altar for help, even if there is a defect at the altar itself, detracts from the help, and you can not kill it anymore. This is in contrast to rule, whole stones, hearing defect at the altar itself.

Or you can load this intention the words of the Ramban, dividing between Flaw defect stones with lime. The stones are the altar itself. Whitewash, however, was put there to connect the stones together, and the entire structure to the ground. Accordingly, we will actually wrong with the lime from the verse 'sacrificed peace him, he's in his verse deals with the earth altar.

Another question that settled. Seemingly difficult, how could the Gemara learn from the verse and sacrificed peace slaughtered him at the altar of temples damaged disapproved, this verse was non Noah page AE learn that it is possible to sacrifice at the top of the altar. And inhabited by our words, this is the study itself. "Sacrificed peace on him 'teaching ability Help slaughter due to inventions of the altar there. Accordingly, nothing wrong at the altar, the altar or in his land, eliminates the ability to slaughter. Similarly, if we say that the altar is a shrine to help slaughter, it will not treat severe from the point, if you can slay Help much less can kill the head of the altar, and that's it really study.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub