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Zvachim Daf 53 - Deputy Home sacrifices - eating holy Shrine

Deputy Home sacrifices - eating holy Shrine

See complete slaughter trained John Hall said that despite the "tent" is not a temple tent but the tent of meeting himself, because "there will be severe from the main Handle." That is, no tent may be preferable to the tent of meeting itself. In light of the Gemara discusses his (Asgi.) baraita that allows eating holy holy Shrine:

"Mitibi, Rabbi Yohanan Ben permit says: Where did that surrounded idolaters all the help, priests Neachancen to eat on holy name holy? TL: Taachlnu most holy."

The Talmud makes it difficult for why it is necessary to prepare a special verse that eating;

"Why? Nima: Yaachlevah yard tent of meeting, and will treat seriously the point!"

Resolves that distinction between the words of Rabbi Yochanan said in relation to the slaughter and eating words baraita Dana:

"Most cell, simple workflow, Dadma work in fighting, Amarinne Handle will not be severe from the point; eating, Medellin person eats in fighting, will not be a serious treat the main thing is not Amarinne."

By the conclusion of the issue may eat holy holy Shrine as we learn from the verse "Taachlnu most holy," but we will focus on the moment is Amina baraita - what Dean wanted to ban eating of holy things - and thus what the holy Shrine of renewed verse conclusion.

One possibility, which arises from the context in the Talmud, is that the problem is the contempt of the Hall. "No one can instead of fighting, eating meat, even if the meat is a victim, expresses contempt for the unique holiness of the temple.

Although baraita desert itself can be understood that the problem is by eating holy holy laws. Holy of Holies only Help eaten, and therefore can be said Hall was not Holy, holy, help enabling eat them. (And greater holiness does not mean she has also sanctity of help, at least that Amina)

Possible implications of these two understandings is the question of why a transaction actually baraita holy temples -

A) by first understanding holy eating is important and uplifting light enough to to do the Hall, as well as baraita conclusion, and even edit out the future table (Peg o).

B) by the second understanding just allowed to eat soft holy Shrine, as Laochlm in Jerusalem, there was no need to renew it. So you can understand the words of Kiryat Sefer (k sacrifices made M) wrote that eating kosher minor holy Shrine.

Another possible implication in understanding baraita description meaning "that surrounded idolaters all the help priests Neachancen to eat on." By first understanding of innovation is that eating holy verse rejects the holy temple desecration issue, it turns out that while you can not eat into the Hall can help to eat. Although by the second understanding of the verse is renewed only eat kosher holy temple had to enter it if you fear the Gentiles, but not to enter the Hall just to eat. (See Exchange Act Bank Hall wrote that a dispute between the Gemara library)
Rabbi Avraham Fall