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(a) If she does not remember what she gave the Kohen, and he does not remember where he offered them, she must bring four Olos Nedavah (two of each species, to fulfill her vow), two Olos Chovah (one of each species - perhaps her Chatas was Kosher, she must bring a matching Olah), and a Chatas (of either species - this Tana holds that the Olah does not fix the Chatas; whatever she brings for a Chatas, she (brought or now) brings a matching Olas Chovah.);
(b) Ben Azai says, she brings (six Olos like above and) one Chatas of each species (he holds that if the Olas Chovah was offered before the Chatas, she must bring a matching Chatas).
(c) R. Yehoshua: (She should have fulfilled her obligation with four birds in all - because of the mistakes and forgetting, she had to bring an extra seven or eight -) this is like people say, a live ram has only one voice, (parts of) a dead ram gives seven voices (two Shofaros, two flutes, a tambourine, and strings for a lyre and harp. This culminates the proof that tractate Kinim is like R. Yehoshua.)
(d) Answer #2 (to Questions (2:d and 2:g, Daf 67B)): R. Yehoshua says that an Olah becomes a Chatas with respect to (inhibiting) Me'ilah, but one does not fulfill his obligation with it!
(a) (Mishnah): If any Pasul (person) did Melikah, it is Pasul, but it is Metaher the bird from (becoming a Neveilah and having) Tum'as Beis ha'Beli'ah;
(b) In the following cases, Melikah or slaughter (even though it is Pasul) is Metaher:
1. Melikah was done with the left hand, or at night; Chulin was slaughtered in the Azarah, or Kodshim outside.
(c) The following cases of Melikah are not Metaher (the bird is Neveilah, it has Tum'as Beis ha'Beli'ah):
1. Melikah was done with a knife, on Chulin in the Azarah, or on Kodshim outside;

2. The bird was a Tor and it was too young, or a Ben Yonah and it was too old;
3. Its wing was dry (and ready to fall off), its eye was blind (Tosfos - gouged out), or its leg was cut off.
(d) The general rule is - any Pesul b'Kodesh (Tosfos - after it was Mekudash in a Kli Shares; alternatively, if the Pesul is Kosher for Kodshim in a different setting), it is Metaher; if the Pesul was not b'Kodesh, it is not Metaher.
(e) (Gemara - Rav): If Melikah was done with the left hand or at night, it is Metaher; if it was done by a Zar or with a knife, it is not Metaher.
(f) Question: Presumably, (Melikah with) the left hand is Metaher because it is (sometimes) Kosher for Avodah, i.e. on Yom Kipur (the Kohen carries a spoon with Ketores) in it, and (Melikah at) night is Metaher because Haktarah of limbs and Chelev may be done at night;
1. Similarly, a Zar is Kosher for slaughter!
(g) Answer: Slaughter is not an Avodah.
(h) Question: But R. Zeira taught that if a Zar slaughtered the Parah Adumah, it is Pasul;
1. Rav taught that this is because it says "Elazar" (who was a Kohen) and "Chukah" (which shows that it is Me'akev).
(i) Answer #1: Parah Adumah is different, it is Kodshei Bedek ha'Bayis (but Kodshei Mizbe'ach do not require a Kohen).
(j) Objection: If (slaughter of) Kodshei Bedek ha'Bayis (is considered Avodah to) require a Kohen, all the more so Kodshei Mizbe'ach!
(k) Answer #2 (R. Shisha brei d'Rav Idi): Just like a Kohen is needed to rule about Tzara'as, even though this is not Avodah, the same applies to Parah Adumah.
(l) Question: We should say that since a Zar is Kosher for Avodah on a Bamah, his Melikah is Metaher!
(m) Answer: We do not learn from Bamos.
(n) Question: We do learn from Bamos!
1. (Beraisa): If Yotzei (Eimurim that left the Mikdash) were brought back and up the ramp, we do not take them down (they are thrown on the Mizbe'ach), because Yotzei is Kosher on a Bamah.
(o) Answer: That Tana relies on "Zos Toras ha'Olah" (to learn from Bamos about Avodos not involving the blood).
(p) (R. Yochanan): Melikah done by a Zar is Metaher, but Melikah done with a knife is not.
(q) Question (Mishnah): If *any* Pasul did Melikah, it is Pasul (but it is Metaher.)
1. According to R. Yochanan, this comes to includes a Zar - according to Rav what does it include?
(r) Answer: It includes Melikah with the left hand or at night.
(s) Question: The Mishnah teaches these explicitly!
(t) Answer: The Mishnah alludes to them, then teaches them explicitly.

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