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Zevachim 117 - THE


(a) (Beraisa - R. Shimon): There was a fourth Machaneh, Ezras Nashim, one who entered b'Tum'ah was not punished;
(b) In Shilo there were only two Machanos.
(c) Question: Which of the three was missing?
(d) Answer (Rabah): Presumably, Machaneh Levi was not missing, for this is the only Machaneh separating a Zav and a Tamei Mes (a Zav is forbidden there, a Tamei Mes is permitted);
1. It says "V'Lo Yetam'u Es *Machaneihem*", i.e. they are expelled from different camps!
(e) Objection (Rava): If so, you must say that Machaneh Yisrael was missing - if so, Zavim and Metzora'im are expelled from the same camps;
1. It says "Badad Yeshev" - other Teme'im may not be with a Metzora!
(f) Answer: Really, there were all three Machanos;
1. The Beraisa means, in Shilo there were only two Machanos regarding Klitah (i.e. one Machaneh (Levi) was 'Chaser', i.e. it was not a refuge for Shogeg murderers).
(g) Inference: This implies that in the Midbar, Machaneh Levi was Kolet!
(h) Affirmation: Yes!
1. (Beraisa): "V'Samti *Lecha* Makom" - there will be a place of refuge in your (Moshe's) lifetime;
2. "Lecha Makom" - it will be your place (Moshe was in Machaneh Levi).
3. "Asher Yanus Shamah" - this teaches that Galus applied in the Midbar.
4. Question: Where did Shogeg murderers go?
5. Answer: They went to Machaneh Levi;
i. If a Levi murdered b'Shogeg, he was exiled to a different neighborhood in Machaneh Levi; if he was exiled to a different part of his own neighborhood, he received refuge.
6. Question: What is the source of this?
7. Answer (Rav Acha brei d'Rav Ika): "Ki v'Ir *Miklato*
Yeshev" - the city that already absorbed him (he was already living there.)
(a) (Mishnah): When they came to Gilgal...
(b) (Beraisa): Only Nedarim and Nedavos may be offered on a Bamah;
(c) R. Meir says, Menachos and (Korbanos of) Nezirus may be offered;
(d) Chachamim say, individuals offered only Olos and Shelamim.
(e) R. Yehudah says, anything the Tzibur and an individual could bring in the Ohel Mo'ed in the Midbar, they could bring in the Ohel Mo'ed in Gilgal;
1. The difference between them was that Bamos were permitted when the Ohel Mo'ed was in the Midbar, they were forbidden when it was in Gilgal;
2. A person could offer only Nedarim and Nedavos on a Bamah on top of his roof (i.e. a private Bamah).
(f) Chachamim say, anything the Tzibur brought in the Ohel Mo'ed in the Midbar, it brought in the Ohel Mo'ed in Gilgal;
1. In both of them, individuals only offered Olos and Shelamim.
(g) R. Shimon says, even the Tzibur only offered Pesach and Chovos (obligatory offerings) that have a fixed time.

(h) Question: What is R. Meir's reason?
(i) Answer: "Lo Sa'asun k'Chol Asher Anachnu Osim Po ha'Yom" - Moshe told Yisrael, when you come to Eretz Yisrael, you may offer Yashrus ("Kol ha'Yashar b'Einav", i.e. Nedarim and Nedavos, which are voluntary), but not Chovos;
1. Menachos and Nezirus are voluntary.
(j) Chachamim hold that Menachos may not be offered on a Bamah, and (Korbanos) Nezirus are obligatory (a Nazir must bring them).
(k) (Shmuel): They argue about Chatas and Asham (of a Nazir), but all agree that Olos and Shelamim are Yashrus, they may be offered.
(l) Objection (Rava - Beraisa): The following gifts to the Kohen apply on a Bamah Gedolah, not on a Bamah Ketanah:
1. Chazeh v'Shok (of Shelamim), Terumas (one bread of each of the four kinds of) Lachmei Todah.
2. The Beraisa omits the Zero'a Beshelah (the cooked foreleg of Ayil Nazir).
3. We understand if they argue (even) about Olah and Shelamim - the Beraisa is like Chachamim, who say that no Korbanos Nazir are offered on a Bamah;
i. But if they argue only about Chatas and Asham, why was this omitted?
(m) Correction: Rather, Shmuel taught, they argue about Olah and Shelamim (of a Nazir), but all agree that Chatas and Asham are Chovos, they may not be offered.
(n) (Beraisa - Chachamim): Anything the Tzibur brought in the Ohel...(in the Midbar and Gilgal, individuals only offered Olos and Shelamim.)
(o) Question: What is Chachamim's reason?
(p) Answer: "Ish ha'Yashar b'Einav"- they offered Yashrus, not Chovos;
1. The Tzibur brought even Chovos.

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