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Arayot Daf 13 - sin earlier immigrant

Page XIII deals, almost entirely, the laws of various disciplines priorities. Here we try to illuminate a particular angle of the issue priorities of reviewing one of them: "Tanya: 'sacrificed that first sin (Leviticus God, h) is her son ... father, who all previous sins are following them" (M. CA.) Explained baraita Sachshmckeribim sin up, must be preceded by the sin. And stopped Laws Tamiden Mospyne (P"te Wall.) However, merely add-ons (Pesachim Nat 'IA, DH father's son; sacrifices the IA, DH burnt and died) If this law is Laichuba, and ahead is a sin - more than unacceptable, as an immigrant from the issue Pesachim there; Or was he originally only and do not delay, otherwise the issue sacrificed. Seemed to satisfy them in principle, expresses doubts about the priority nature of the sin sacrifice, perhaps the essence of other priorities.
Precedence may reflect differences in importance. For example, secondary page M. CA determine priorities for rescuing people;
"First woman First woman ... Cohen Levy, Levy and Israel ..." Berry preferences result from differences of importance and status among the people, not some connection between them. However, There is also another kind of precedence: When two things are a process that has an internal order by a certain logic. Such priority concerns mainly the commandments victims, such as the forward Gemara Cohen Messiah bull bull community: "Since the Messiah from the village committee to redeem, Dean atoning Lmatachfr is sooner."
Messiah priest first bull bull community, not because the priest more important than the congregation of Israel, but because essential personal mercy seat assembly of the congregation mercy seat all Israel. Gives priority to information that reflects the importance of differences between two independent things, there is no significant connection between them, not stay. But when it comes in different stages of one process, the later stage may not be able to apply or act without made before the earlier stage.
If our words are honest, we must say be met ahead of the additions on the sin sacrifice, founding doubt in understanding the nature of this law, arising from a study in two places in Shas. Mishnah sacrificed CA Pat Page said: "First of all the sacred friend friend: First blood to blood missed in excess, because he wanted; organs than take precedence Limuri sin, because he completely personalities."
Mishnah clearly indicate missed earlier because of the importance and sanctity sacrifice balance, and she ran, not because there is a connection between her and the immigrant. If so, this priority seems no delays. But sacrificing Ita EA M Page: "Rabbi Shimon said: sin why come? Why come? Village! But rather: why was before the cost?
Attorney enters, running an attorney, Doron came after him. " Even without going into their significance precise, it appears the words of Rabbi Shimon missed more than one process are included serving Doron, missed earlier due to no importance, but because it trains the rising action. Therefore, we should be satisfied if the early serving sin hinders the operation of a gift in excess. [It should be noted that even according to Rabbi Shimon, you still need the sub shrines said to explain why the sin of one person earlier burnt another person (as explained in increments Rosh on our issue sustainable Len Dapilo sv).]
Rabbi Avraham Fall

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