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Arayot Daf 14 - Chinese is better

PARENT hand page - "Chinese is better": Encore parent and arrange compensation mask

Rabbi Yochanan said: sailed her Shimon ben Gamliel Rabbis, one said, Chinese is better, and one said, tearing up better.
Rav Yosef Sinai, much tearing up. Bethmann sent: Which one first? Sent to them: Chinese is better, who said Mr: All one must Mary misses "(hand-CA).
People of Israel decided in favor of Chinese, that is for the familiar, because "every one must Mary misses", like to say to aggravated can run the operating capacity of his understanding, he must know first the texts that he could rely on, but who knew the stands alone, and depends sharply.
Of course, this is not Becky does not understand what he believes - a sort of 'grave carrying books - the words Meiri: "Precisely that, although not so spicy, is familiar with the laws mean and what comes out of them, and has imaginative examination of things together and disposal of anything out of anything properly. But if there is no issue of the Talmud in his hand but coherent in his mouth, and he ruled through imagination and understanding that testing out of nothing - not even Chinese rule, and not at all with teaching, and moreover should be treated with teaching a lot ... "
His words certainly necessary, since the Gemara defines the multi Joseph Sinai - one of the greatest Amoraim Talmud.
Since that Maarava argued Ahcaratam, Some found it necessary that with changing times also changed the decision. Perry brings a Megadim (Eshel Avraham on Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim Kel"v) the scholar attire ruling "an instruction" before the rise Torah scholar "peppery." Megadim fruit wrote: "show ie: mountain sterilized Chinese -Chinese is better" . and the city that R 'Shlomo Kluger Bahgihuatio the fruit clothes: "I think there is no evidence from the Talmud, Dbazamnim cassettes published books that were not Chinese was better, but now another little person can search to find what he wanted, not belonging to taste Daachl Marie Edhitti, that hot is better, someone takes out a Malibu, and you can not find it anyway .. .
Address by Rabbi Shlomo Kluger, written press era, seem all the more true electronic age, which has improved immeasurably access to sources, both from the presence, both by the search options to locate them.
Although Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Shlita (FAQ express Hoshen M says part of a sign sentence letter h) odds Rabbi Shlomo Kluger, in his opinion even though our time, when we come to appoint Dane - Chinese better: "They are true because I saw Logaon Lance Kluger Bahgihuatio the fruit Megadim lifestyle (at sign Kel"v) ...
What he wrote to renew and divide between contemporary Talmud - it is not.
Who disappeared from his eye and see what he wrote Reve"s crystal response (sign LCA): how smart we saw in our eyes Mpolfalim Bahweut Dhabi Rava, and all the pain in the Thorns say heaps of questions and excuses, Pom Hurafa not Slca Ho Shmaatta according Dallachta, not allowed to tell the and right and wrong. And said Eruvin (m EA): well known before who he said was shown that the generation of Rabbi Meir like him, why did not stop as he went, because he stood on the end of his mind, he says the pure and shows him unclean face, and pure and impure shows him inside. and they said (softly to EA): Beit Shammai Hillel place does not change, even though that the adjuster hook Maheddy Wash (Yevamot Tu EA). and stopped went to his parents (n CA) : Chinese sterilized Mountain - Chinese better. Far.
And wrote Mr"a Colon (sign X"aza), which at this time preferably sterilized Sinai mountains, and extended the evidence behind it Edsiny better. See there.
Beautiful Hillachach last stopped a teaching scholar, who is Chinese, preferably non-spicy scholar with teaching.
And he wrote always burnt (sign Kel"ah paragraph d). Aaron Hand book there. Number of Churches (sign Raf"ab). Book treasure life (estimated net signal report). And main. "
Joseph desert Ahger"a better than Becky exacerbated not only because he needs, but also because sharp itself may bring to acute barrier ruling wrong, and therefore our time - who knew better than worse. In my humble opinion, there is room to offer a slightly different formulation of the knowledge of superiority over sharpness. Proficiency gives its owner the ability to see the law in question broader contexts. Out of this knowledgeable better understand the nature of religious nature, and able to direct her maid of Torah even in cases who deserved not interpreted. In this way a kind of quantity becomes quality, no data base, written or computerized, can not provide. Discussion of who should be put under seal meeting the parent mask, which of course kind of material: when dealing with the court's error, please refer to the wise who will direct as possible maid of Torah. In terms of Daf Yomi learners, parent mask Finish Finish is also the entire compensation order - the most impressive studies achievement. Daf Yomi study is essentially a study of Chinese, rather than tearing up. I hope and wish all of us, even if we can not meet its definition of Rashi Sinai - "Who year Ubreita Asdoren him Achnatentan Mount Sinai" - from anywhere, something of the same amount of glue us, makes us a real quality improvement in learning theory, and understanding.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub

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