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Zvachim Daf 6 - Sacrifices Page VI - Heart Gift court

Sacrifices Page VI - Heart Gift court

Gemara (f) said a special law regarding public victims:

I Earn victims, setting up a tribunal Dlab them;
Rav Yehuda said Samuel, who said Rav Yehuda said Samuel: public victims, knife Mushachtan what they are.

In contrast to an individual victim whose identity when secretion was determined in absolute final aim, the identity of victims of certain public opinion depends on the court until the moment of slaughter.

The practical application of this principle was explained Rashi (sv victims) like this:

Such as Tamiden not had to earn that we take an old contribution came one of Nissan, the new commandment to bring the Achdamarinne Rosh Hashanah (Page M), Shuahtan armor summer altar ...
Waa"gi Dlshm Tamiden were not for public charity such as the burnt altar summer, because combat and predicted Ltamiden May Edhazv because Dlab in "a gift to them if your product or not Yakiicv where the altar.

According to Rashi did you think "that the present law" allows to take victims devoted to burnt required (constant) and slaughter them there burnt a handout (Summer altar). Add (DH knife) made it difficult Gemara Rashi weeks in light (L: ) which explained that it was to know Lance that gift that court slaughter them constant Sneitutro for burnt money. The greater the further issue here:

Rav Yosef said Beria Rav Shmuel Rabbi Papa: Ethan and Rabbi Shimon Lev Lia court gift them?
Rav Idi bar Avin said Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Amram said Rabbi Yochanan said: Tamiden not had to earn, according to Rabbi Shimon - no Nfedyne innocent, says Smart - Nfedyne Tamamin!

I mean, Lance is a persistent opinion that your product is not redeemed except public summer slaughtered heart altar because they present court, and know smart court now feel they can redeem a gift to them when they're innocent!

To settle the Rashi, explains Rabbi Soloveitchik lesson can persist for summer slaughter could be due to two altar different starting points essentially. Opinion Rabbi Shimon is no essential difference between burnt and burnt donation required, as stated in explaining his Gemara weeks (Eve.): "Dmaayckera indicates that a cell is." Anyway no need to court conditions always slaughter for summer altar.

While smart opinion is that the gap between burnt burnt charity must be bridged not, in principle you can not always slaughtered for summer altar. Therefore, according to them the ability to slaughter burnt required to charity is because the present stage the court the victim and his identity is not defined, as Rashi interpreted. Anyway it is not difficult to intelligent opinion can also redeem the innocent as they persist, since it allows a court conditions to slaughter them For summer altar also allows Lfdotm.
Rabbi Avraham Fall

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