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Zvachim Daf 8 - Din name Passover

Sacrifices Page H - Din name Passover missed.

As we learned in the Mishnah opened the mask sacrifices, Passover and missed (according to Rabbi Eliezer, although the culprit. According to him we treat, "H, on page j) are the victims of which shall issue 'name' is different from other victims. The rest of the victims, whether an associate not oil, not the victim wrong. But Passover sin are exceptions, if that were sacrificed to his name, they are unacceptable.

Can offer two suggestions in a note this exception of the two victims. The first suggestion is that the role of pure intent of these victims Bashar victims is no different. The difference is the result - while the rest of the victims can prepare the victim even if it does not cost the obligation of the owner, the victims are disqualified because of this.

Second suggestion is that the role of these victims means different name more substantial. As such, the absence makes Lfsiltam.

Perhaps this question can be divided between the sin of the Passover. Sin states that pure intention role similar role in other victims. Absence does not bring sin offering, but that does not exceed the obligation of the owner. But unlike the immigrant or incomplete, which can bring them a handout, even when do not exceed the duty, sin has no such option. For the sin does not come but to the village and want the offense committed. If sin is not achieving this role, it has no meaning and it is disapproved. That is different is excellent or complete, most of their battle between man and his father in heaven, and exit of duty which is of secondary (if it exists).

Passover, however, may argue that the role for which it is material. Our issue is studying the law for its own sake the Passover sacrifice of the verse, and say the sacrifice of Passover is. Mishnah Pesachim page Katarzyna shows that Rabban Gamaliel also use this verse:

"Rabban Gamliel used to say, all that said these three things on Passover was not by duty. And these are: Passover, matzah, bitter herbs. Passover - Pesach any place on the homes of our ancestors in Egypt, Passover sacrifice is said and say is it'..."

Passover, unlike other victims, a role statement is immaterial. All meaning of the Passover sacrifice is awakening statement Exodus story. Therefore, lack of Passover sacrifice for its own sake is not only harms the victim rise to the obligation of its owner, but an utter disapproval.

The difference between Passover sin can be seen in various studies as well. For Pesach Talmud offers a way to learn the law for its own sake belongs to it solely engaged passages Passover sacrifice. About sin, however, comes the Gemara concludes that the basis of inference studied law pay for its own sake. Just the fact that this law sin inhibitor, is unique sin law.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub

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