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Zvachim Daf 14 - Sacrifices Slaughter is not working

Sacrifices hand page - Slaughter is not working

The Gemara (hand) to discuss the possibility to perform the work of the transmission by a stranger. The Gemara asks at one point to study the transmission of Midian slaughter law training wreath, and rejects;

Slaughter is not working.

First understanding the Gemara were divided, and we will discuss two views expressed in increments (DH Ahgi"ah). One opinion is the opinion ry Morlin"s:

Rabbi Rabbi Yaakov Daourlin"s sail is not a secular temples by equals, then commanded not by a slaughtering place.

In other words, the slaughter is a basic law that exists in all animals, between secular and temples, so no work is defined as one of sacrifice. Another view is to add their own opinion:

I seem not working is Madmachsarinne below is north south and reached holy temples and slaughtered.

That is, of Dean "Slaughter in the north" does not require the slaughterer to the north but only proven animal slaughter is not working as far as work, and therefore seems to be kosher even stranger.

It seems that both these views reflect essentially two different understandings of the statement: "Slaughter is not working." Opinion Rabbi Jacob Morlin"s is slaughter is part of the preparations for sacrifice. Like normal slaughter aimed at preparing the meat eating person, purpose of the slaughter of endowments is to prepare the altar for eating meat. Anyway it turns out to be kosher slaughter because it is a stranger in fact part of bringing the victim to part of the temple and sacrificial.

Although from the words of a great addition to a slightly different approach. Add necessarily focused on the law indicates that there is meaning to the work of slaughter - slaughter holy holy should be made in the north. But Dean is limited and not necessarily an animal slaughtered slaughterer person. This means that the slaughter is an essential part of an act of sacrifice, but it's not the act of slaughtering the butcher, but only by slaughtering an animal that sanctifies her and was like high. In any case, the slaughter itself must be done in the north but the person can stand in the south can also be a foreigner or incompetent.

Possible implications of this fundamental disagreement is the question of the need to slaughter a server tool. Small mask first split at the beginning of this question, and say their distribution depends on the two options presented above - in the opinion of IMA Morlin"s slaughter is only part of preparing the animal for sacrifice, and therefore it seems there is no need to do it in a server, and to know Rabbi Ephraim brought Tosafot Hulin ( III. DH like). Although according to the add-slaughter is part of the dedication and sacrifice of the animal, and only by an act slaughterer is "not working", and therefore seems to be a necessary instrument, opinion Tosafot themselves everyday there.
Rabbi Avraham Fall

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