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Zvachim Daf 15 - sacrifices - not on foot transmission

Tu Page sacrifices - not on foot transmission pipeline by a foreign

Divided conditions page M. Mishna, for gear somewhere other than need. According to Rabbi Shimon, since in principle one could sacrifice the victim without recourse to any gear at all, no motion invalidates thought wrong. According to Rabbi Elazar, however, we must examine each case individually - is gear in this case, light where there was slaughter, consumed. If so, then the computer when the transmission disqualify the victim. The third method is a method of Tanna Kamma, believes that significant transmission is not thought that much-needed strike the victim.

Maimonides, Laws of sculptural Ahmukedshin Chapter XIII went IX, ruled Tanna Kamma. That got Ra'avad:

"Abraham said: Not clear! Edasugein whole Rabbi Elazar who said not paying transmission"

Rabbi Chaim of Brisk, to speed with the Rambam, explained the achievement Ra'avad and Maimonides's excuse is available, and our words will be explained the basic concepts our issue.

Ahger"ah explains that the proof of Ra'avad is the Ahshkela Trio tu page AE. Gemara there, want to prove that the transmission can be corrected not by foot, brings evidence from the sub-CA on the note:

"Pouring from the tool on the floor and collected - Kosher

This proves that the Talmud, that even though some of the blood approaching the altar was not pedestrian, but the blood crawl, and anyway if collected, competent and can throw it. That is, transmission that leg, though not the name of a transmission, you can correct it.

The Gemara rejects the evidence, and puts the sub in the case when blood was spilled on the outside. That is, not the direction in which the transmission should be done. Know Ahger"ah, this rejection was based on attainment of Ra'avad. After all, the words of the Talmud is clear, that where there is no blood going to need it, it is a transmission, so even if she were on foot not rule out transmission without the opportunity to correct, this is not ruled out.

In order to reconcile the words of Maimonides attainment of Ra'avad, pressing Ahger"ah Poser on the Gemara. Continued page O. IA, Gemara brings a dispute between Rabbi Haya R. Yanai for returned and led a foreign led Cohen. Here, the Gemara does not bring the evidence of blood spilled. Ahger"ah explains that the debate about a foot transmission that led to discussion about the stranger are two different discussions.

About the transmission not to walk, although her name does not set a transmission, no transmission machine is unacceptable. The intention is literally the stuff - not on foot transmission is important not the transmission. Talmud merely will it be possible to repair the transmission not to walk not because she thought transmission that is wrong foot, but because the blood altar after it was time for the work ended the transmission.

For transmission by a stranger, however, an entirely different question. Here, the party believes that it is impossible to prepare by going to Cohen, believes that what a stranger goes, but the work wrong. Because of this, there is no point to prove the possibility of discussing the amendment of the sub-spilled blood. There is not only unacceptable conduction transmission on the island.

Thus, argued Ahger"ah, inhabited achieving Ra'avad. Remember Ra'avad proved that the Talmud considers the issue of unnecessary gear motion is not considered, in light of rejection of the Talmud that the blood spilled to the outside. However, after Sahger"ah explained that the gear other than by foot transmission is considered not to be understood the Gemara differently rejection ; Gemara does not put blood in case it went down in order not to be here improper transmission. After all, because there was a transmission by foot, certainly not a transmission was also unacceptable. The purpose of the Talmud was put the case in which the blood has not reached the altar to still be room for the transmission work!

Therefore, you can not learn this rejection of the Talmud that it considers unnecessary transmission pipeline will not name, Maimonides Tanna Kama ruled that unnecessary transmission, put the transmission.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub

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