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Zvachim Daf 22 - nothing wrong with uncircumcised temple work

Sacrifices Honorable page - nothing wrong with uncircumcised temple work.

Tu page EA Mishna states that uncircumcised working - Statue of the victim. Page V. EA brought this prosecution source:

"Said Chief Chisda: This theory Moses did not learn, according to busi-year-old Ezekiel learned: Any foreigner uncircumcised uncircumcised heart meat shall not come into the temples" (see above units EA he went to Moses at Sinai)

The first is divided in some uncircumcised. Rashi on the Mishnah (DH uncircumcised) Cohen explains that this is because he could face rape - his brother died because of the word, because the danger of wise persons dismissed him murmur.

Add (Honorable EA DH uncircumcised) suggest the method of Rabbeinu Tam, presented in greater detail Abatod"ah Dmaarbah EA celebration D. Page, the first Spanish Yevamot page by CA. Rabbeinu Tam method, uncircumcised uncircumcised in question here is committed against and yet not Mel. In his opinion, where uncircumcised Rape murmur, no work is unacceptable.

Underlying distribution is the question how to see nothing wrong with uncircumcised. According to Rashi, a Abmasut exercise, a kind of cripple Misutho. The fact that uncircumcised obliged not to circumcise does not change the fact that he is foul, and therefore unacceptable work.

Know Rabbeinu Tam, however, it appears that Masut not physically, but spiritually - Lack of consent of the person in front of a disagreement into Abraham's covenant, and a refusal to take part in Israel's spiritual.

It seems that Rabbeinu Tam will be able to rely on the verse in Ezekiel, it brings the Gemara as to disqualify uncircumcised. In this verse, it quoted above, compares Ezekiel among strangers, Arli note Oarli meat. Note by the Talmud, a foreigner is actually Israel Snetanachro his actions to his father in heaven. Uncircumcised heart, if not Netancar his actions, however there is no heart to heaven. Uncircumcised meat, however, his heart to heaven, but he is not circumcised himself. (See Abatod"ah because, how Abarr quarreled over the Gemara that uncircumcised hearts to heaven, and not his method is not Mel deliberately uncircumcised)

If our words are honest, we may explain the way you bring law Rambam. Rambam, Laws of the coming of the Temple (chapter and went to h) wrote:

"Uncircumcised as a foreigner it is said every foreigner uncircumcised uncircumcised heart of flesh, therefore violated his uncircumcised Luca worked as a foreigner working, but is not obliged to death"

Difficult last words - why Maimonides hung uncircumcised sculpture sculpture of alien? Finally learned both from the same verse!

According to the bar and we wrote above. Verse in Ezekiel (Jewish law to Moses at Sinai) have not renewed the wrong uncircumcised, but described it as illegal alien, because he refuses to sign the covenant of Abraham. Therefore, the waste is actually a branch of foreign waste really - both outside of Israel's covenant with God.

(It should be noted that Maimonides does not interpret whether a rape or intentional Berel. Indeed, his realm is probably not talking specifically Berel willful. It is possible that in his opinion, even those who raped and Mel, finally did not enter the covenant of Abraham)
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub

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