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Zvachim Daf 27 - Sacrifices - Basic law Figol

Sacrifices deja Page - Basic law Figol.

Mishnah (deja:) resumed Dean H. Figol -

Slaughters the sacrifice ... Throw a demo tomorrow, some demo tomorrow, sacrifice Aimoriu tomorrow or some Aimoriu tomorrow, eat meat or olive flesh tomorrow for tomorrow, or eat a tiny bit of leather to her tomorrow - Figol are obligated to cut.

The very existence of this law is puzzling, since Adam ate the flesh of the victim after his time did not rule that the victim, it is difficult to understand why a person thought to eat only after the time rule out the victim and creates a ban made eating it. You can understand the nature of the law in two ways -

A.. Wrong thinking. Given that the act of eating after his time did not rule out the victim, the Dean Figol We ran very unrelated, but it calculates the deed was defective sacrifices. (Similar rule applies not name not one, but is in fact the very idea)

On. Thought and practice. Given that the spread verse Dean Figol taught him about the act of eating after a time it turns out the meaning of law Figol she thinks its time to eat but ate like except for its time. And that the act of eating but his time does not rule out it was because the victim had been trained by injection, and just by thinking you can create a foreign act of eating the atonement ended his time before the victim.

Important focus of this discussion is our issue. The Gemara (Achaza.) baraita Dana said butcher the words to throw the blood rather than wrong (such as throwing up blood should be thrown down) after time (tomorrow), and there is Figol wrong. Mr. Sotera explained in that case there is no law Figol misplaced because not shot the victim in any case trains it is not considered to be intended to throw except for its time. Rav Ashi injection difficult if not Mpgalat intention is also no reason Satpsul the victim, and Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak said that the mere intention to suspend the strike for tomorrow blood victim to know Rabbi Judah (below her).

That is, Pest Gemara, calculates shot tomorrow unacceptable, rejecting only the opinion of Rabbi Judah aimed suspend strike for tomorrow blood victim. In light of this recent trouble understanding the words of Maimonides who ruled on one side against the words of Rabbi Judah, and wrote deliberately pause blood tomorrow the victim did not rule (sculptural devoted to M. H.), on the other ruled the words baraita who intends to throw blood instead of tomorrow does not deserve a statue the victim (where P e).

Apart from the difficulty to reconcile the words of Maimonides with the Gemara, it is difficult to very difficult Ashi - if not improper injection calculates Mpgalat how it can reject the victim?

Communities with Jacob (C, V.) explained the words of Maimonides in light of understanding and explaining the law Figol is not "an act of thought." According to this understanding Din Figol actually made of two laws - a. Thought and practice. In. Calculates but its time creates a prohibition made.

Rambam is that even in places where nothing has changed other law, no prohibition to cut down, there is still the first law is considered unacceptable and calculates shot as an act disqualifies the victim. That is why Maimonides ruled improper injection except that calculates its time invalidates the victim even though it does not complete law Figol . Although opinion Judah himself is that this principle is an act of thought is also thought to let the blood tomorrow, but not ruled on this issue and opinion only Maimonides likewise considered as a calculated shot.
Rabbi Avraham Fall

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