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Zvachim Daf 29 - Sacrifices - This ban is not properly thought temples

Sacrifices Page Dutt - This ban is not properly thought temples.

Talmud page Dutt EA we learn about possible source except the prohibition to think of art or other place for its time -

"Rabbi Yanai said computer temples where he takes? Talmud say will not be considered"

Indeed, the laws of sculptural Ahmukedshin, Episode units went to a Maimonides writes:

"Every computer that is not true temples of thought, it goes without saying since he will not be considered"

Ramban on the Book of Commandments, where he was appointed to the Rambam omitted Halawein opinion, has already calculated fourth calculates the ban but its time or out of place, but he believes the ban actually learned from the verse "does not sacrifice her 'a - Lord your God an ox and sheep which will be a blemish every bad thing that persecuted, A - Lord your God is "(Deuteronomy Q, M). Following the library, from the Ramban that the words 'bad thing' came to ban bad words at work, such as foreign calculates its time out of place.

The fact that the Ramban select books and verse presented by Rabbi Yanai our issue is not so hard. At last, even from our issue it is clear that not all the conditions agreed to demand the ban of the phrase "not be considered.

Verse the Sages learned from the Dean rejection by the victim is probably thought the verse in Leviticus, as seen on Dutt CA. Hence, the dispute is to see the ban also derives from a verse, or stems from the verse of things can be controversial question of the relationship between prohibition and disqualification.

Although as we have seen, Maimonides has brought the phrase 'shall not' laws sculptural Ahmukedshin, Hi Book of Commandments prohibition is not listed. Note the way of Maimonides, on the one brought the words of Rabbi Yanai laws, on the one omitted to count the commandments, repeated several Methods. Know an education (Mitzvah Akmad), Lao included in the prohibition of giving computer defect. Indeed, the precise language of Maimonides' law on

"Hearsay learned that not even Dean endowments lost in thought, since it imposes a similar defect temples , even though it does not suffer the thought that the act "

In other words, Maimonides prohibition to think a thought that does not correct itself is not prohibition, but prohibition of it stemming from improper casting idea. This is unlike the path of the Ramban, who sees the ban to think a thought that is not true independent prohibition, which is unacceptable is the projection of transition him, not vice versa.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub

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