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Zvachim Daf 30 - Sacrifices to Grab First language

Sacrifices page to Grab First language

Dutt AB Exercise page presents Rabbi Yehuda opinion, believes Sachskedama local computer calculates the time it's one job Figol, shared his knowledge and wise.

Gemara on to explains that according to Rabbi Yehuda take a first language, and once he thought of art but for its time was the victim Figol, and thereafter calculates not help but place. But is satisfied with the Talmud, Rabbi Yehuda said the words anyway, or only if it calculates but its time applies to a particular set, and calculates other place comes after the other specific causes. For example, a situation in which someone thought of art but for its time when who slaughtered the first sign and calculates except instead of just at who slaughtered the second mark.

As explained in the Gemara, doubt it's related to when Amarinne busy first language - is also where we have a saying for sure one, or only when you can separate the man's words into two separate statements.

To get to the bottom of this question, you must first understand why the thought of Rabbi Meir, Rabbi Yehuda and his student, that take up a first language. There are two options for interpreting this statement:

A.. Opinion estimate assumption, which assumes that the person meant that the first thing it said will apply in full, the second speech is nothing but back him, that he can no longer do.

On. Although we believe that the person really meant to begin the second thing it said, and said it changed, however the first statement has been extended by virtue of itself, there is no more room for the second statement.

Cases are dealt with in the Mishnah, there is no reason to assume that the second statement is returned. After all, you can eat a tiny bit but its time, olive other than his place. Since we see that Rabbi Judah still some here, the more probable the second option - because the victim has been Fogel, gender can not be removed by the thought that foreign place. (Rashi sv Aeveaya annotated, cross)

However, still we must ask - when we see the Ahfigol if already there. Did the person's mind enough to eat but its time to apply there Figol, or whether it is necessary to conclude any of the work in order to name Figol apply. This question is the underlying question of the Gemara Delivery - calculates Ahfigol Should be one sign at slaughter, and calculates other place while slaughtering the mark two, or even where they were both the same sign, if thought Figol It Figol progress.

Similarly, you can put the power in the following manner - is according to Rabbi Meir can one apply two maturities simultaneously. According to the first side of the investigation, a person could. So, can one think of art except the time I thought back during slaughtering but one sign, and the result will be wrong but not Figol. However, even if foreign calculates its time progress, since there is precedence meaningless if this thought did not have time to apply. But according to the other side, according to Rabbi Meir no one can apply both at the same maturities. Therefore, one action always go after the person's first opinion, and will be set to act.

We learn that the great method, says Rabbi Meir was divided in two minds even one act, the states of Rabbi Meir "Busy first language is not law illnesses, but Dean act - an act a person can apply only one subject. The method and Abbey, who says that 'Baha Rabbi Meir must admit, there's liable to Rabbi Meir act, but a disease - a place where one could apply to undress before the creation of a second, it does not leave room for developing the second.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub

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