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Zvachim Daf 32 - Sacrifices - a little Bea A - Basic Law

Sacrifices that page - a little Bea A - Basic Law

Gemara related to "- to" elaborates Abmimertho of Ola;

"Unclean put his hand forward - Luca ... what to do with a bit what to do with, though slightly put Bea Bea."

That is, even unclean hand only synagogue, and the whole body, the temple area requires lashes. This carefully, we will discuss the basis of this went to Ola. The next seminar will be devoted, God willing, to practical application of things interesting.

Maimonides (Laws of the coming of a temple, CHAPTER went YH) rejected the words of Ola. Indeed, the Rambam there is a rabbinic prohibition temple unclean hand insertion, but is not a Torah prohibition. Ra'avad the site over the Rambam not ruled Ola, but there squire Maimonides ruled bars as Rabin called Rabbi Abahu ( Page Lag Page II), claiming that there is an error the first provided by the Talmud tradition the name of Ola, Ola fact the business not of the Knesset in this case hand unclean temple.

Slightly earlier in the chapter laws coming Temple (Chapter III went TZ) has gone further Maimonides related topic:

"So it ran lucrative temple, or putting a man unclean temple, it has made since the defiled Temple of God."

That is, beyond the prohibition of "the coming of a temple", ie prohibition on entry impurity temple area, there is another prohibition relating to the introduction of contamination to the temple (by injection, etc.).

Now, in light of this went Rambam has to offer two basic understandings Ola's words, stating what little Bea Bea:

Understanding A - various religious areas that we learned that a small entity may represent the entire entity. For example, sometimes determined that some day considered as day. Well, you can interpret that since the human body is non-unitary division separation under any circumstances, even a small part of the body represents the entire body. For our purposes, even the entry of some of the body is considered the entry of the entire body, and this is where the root of prohibition.
Understanding B - depending on the above theory at the hospital, you can interpret a person's hand is unclean that might taint other just like running or fading, and therefore within the prohibition to impurity temple, forbidden to the unclean hand.

There is no doubt that Maimonides rejected the second understanding, because of the Knesset hand out only a rabbinic prohibition, while running for the Knesset and ruled by the Torah prohibition must it made. But as stated, many of the recent ruling dealt with Maimonides, discussed the relation between the two understandings. Interesting things, in this context, wrote Rabbi Hanoch Ahenich Ayegas, a book of "skillet."

First I'll quote his words, I would like to write a few words about the author. A Mrahsat multi Vilnius, Lithuania was the generation of Rabbi Chaim of Brisk. Preface to his book, is a Mrahsat that "in our time have changed a lot of ways of our holy Torah Talmud study, and how understanding Asbertam style they paved a path of Torah and Talmud study in garments of light and reason ... the Talmud that new arrivals bring Msganonwe their studies." Many bars, with considerable justification, that these things are directed toward the new method of R. Chaim of Brisk, analyzes the issues of the Talmud in pure logic, which has a resemblance between them and through academic study. As shown, a flinch from the path of learning Mrahsat this, and declares that he is an apprentice "old Beit Midrash, this style also writes the innovations. Well, often interesting to examine the innovations of a Mrahsat, parallel innovations in light of R. Chaim of Brisk, or of his students.

On the merits, wrote Mrahsat (Article B Division IV letter B):

"Note what he seems, every man defiled what impurity it becomes impure, unclean and parts of his body, hands and feet and limbs if touched on the defiled it. And if we come to investigate why a person's organs Tmaaen, if the bones of defilement because they themselves unclean without attaching Every human body, it seems that Tomam Medellin by themselves only from that part of the human body, and defiling Vengyatam is not by touching themselves just by virtue of the human body are connected with the human body are one, and if the receiving Tome concerned Oh if touched every human body the same thing defiled it ... most Nemi Bea Alapinene also slightly Dbaat important part of the human body as if into a temple, oh like the coming of the world. "

Mrahsat clearly shows both the above understandings, and proves the first understanding is correct. Viz - entry is equivalent to the entry of some body any body, nor does it see a small part of the body being independent of impurity.
Rabbi Avihud Schwartz

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