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Zvachim Daf 33 - sacrificed a little Bea B - jabbing fingers to the Western Wall

Sacrifices to page - a little Bea B - jabbing fingers to the Western Wall

Last carefully discussed sentenced Ola basis, stating that "what little Bea Bea. As we have seen, you can understand the words of Ola in two ways. One could say that he thought some of the body represents the whole body, and therefore equivalent to the synagogue organ itself impure human input; Alternatively, one can say there opinion Ola Knesset to ban the very impure organ, as prohibited wise to put all the other unclean body temple.

Against the background of this investigation, we examined some of the recent interesting religious question. Also likely that the question arose earlier generations already, one of the first dealing with it was the Rebbe Rabbi Abraham Msochtesub, a Q & A "stone tiara" (Yoreh Deah, signs Matan - Tan"ab). This is the question:

"On which the town rabbi R. Mashil NY inhabitants of Jerusalem Thoabab"a holes that underlie the Western Wall of the Temple Mount is forbidden husband Kerry and anyone impurity was exported to insert finger holes of his body, ostrich little Bea Bea Achdaita name Shas sacrifices to page "B".

Simply put: Can a man or woman who dipped their defilement poke fingers cracks at the Western Wall, a remnant of our Holy Temple which is near the Israel box to pour their hearts before their father in heaven. Questioner writes, simplicity Din put a little Bea Bea "bans, ostensibly, the introduction of the fingers to those holes.

Even in our time, with the return of Israel to his country, were engaged on this question. Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt "l gave a long answer to this (entire offering, Part II, Article Kel"te). In his words there quoted the name of some of the most recent re-thought:

"They wanted to say Daa Dbaah name slightly because Edahshiab Bea is entered as a whole, so that the hole Abachhay Agoona whole body entry should also not put a little Bea Bea."

This theory nicely fitting the above investigation. Viz - Since there is no prohibition in fact Knesset Unholy finger, but you can see the finger to represent the entire body, the practice that if a crack is on the person's body can not pass it, you can not tell the whole person allegedly entered the temple. anyway, not to prohibit the insertion finger.

Although this theory is certainly interesting, and well established on the basis of the investigation we proposed law, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman rejects it outright. Among other things, proves Shlomo Zalman Msogyitino this theory wrong. He insists that the Gemara discusses at length in the thick of guilty of a leper, explains: "If that can not be opened to through the whole body in fact was not arrested, would have been such a wall is installed Open Help, and through him were lepers Mshachilim their hands and rely on their victim. The fact that the Gemara did not offer this option indicates necessarily the opinion of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman, do not permit this element.

The conclusion of these stones is the crown of his reply that there are different sides to facilitate the issue, and allow the jabbing fingers between the cracks of the wall. Compared with the clear verdict, Shlomo Zalman is not definitive in his answer unequivocally, and tends to say it depends on the disputed Maimonides raved. According to Rambam, that the law is Bea some rabbinic law, there is no doubt ease the present, and allow the introduction of the fingers. Know Ra'avad faction, who believe a little Bea is prohibited by the Torah, as is simplify the issue, not alleviate it.
Rabbi Avihud Schwartz

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