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Zvachim Daf 34 - sacrificed - remnants improper work

Led sacrificed Page - remnants improper work

Mishnah (Lbe.) states in relation to disqualify work that received the wrong blood in Jewish Thought:

"They all received the blood but its time out of place, if there is blood in mind - to return and receive approval."

That is, because the recipient did not deserve to work no admission invalidates the victim and get the rest of the animal's blood and lay the victim.

Against the Mishnah Gemara discusses our issue (LED) law who threw sculptural work;

Farms Minya maximum Resh Lakish John: What is wrong to make songs?
He said to him: Do not do songs, but except for its time out of place, since the lecturer Lapigolv.

That is, when in addition to receiving the injection was also satisfied with the work of Resh Lakish Can I return to receive blood from the animal, similar to sub-trial, or the rest of the blood of cattle "is remnants" and you can not get it. Developer R. John was such a case should be divided between the improper working which Zryaktho would not rule out the victim and threw Thought foreign minister or other place for its time, which disqualifies it as the victim.

What did you think of R. John? Why divide between working and calculates wrong wrong?

Ahgree"aza to speed with the site explained, to simplify the language of the Gemara, the work of the job is not wrong at all and there is no other blood is considered Achshireime and work to make the shot. On the other hand, working on the computer work is wrong (as he said that "he wanted Lapigolv Riu"ah" ), so the blood becomes Lshireime again you can not throw it away.

Ahgree"aza himself pressing means -

Study May should not immaterial or not doing songs Figol Thought injection, since most non-disqualified Dblau victim because calculates Figol!

That is, how it can be said that the problem is only that the blood became Lshireime impossible throws, And even if you could throw the blood was not it helps prepare the victim disqualified by foreign calculates its time!

Ahgree"aza himself settled the question in two ways, but from the difficulty of his words can offer a different interpretation according to the Gemara. Gemara's intent may be saying that "remnants do Sol" is making the rest of the blood Lshireime is the reason for disqualifying the victim, but it is a sign of labor's influence on the victim . Accordingly, intent, see John is wrong to say that works only invalidates the very work that does not leave any impression on the victim himself, so you can go back and throw the blood, while the minister who works in Jewish thought that the wrong rule out entirely the victim.

Immaterial possible between the two interpretations is not the name Dean shot. Divided as to whether a shot last name not rule out the victim or not, and you can hang it in both of these understandings -

By first understanding, it calculates out of place except for its time because they are remnants do "want Lapigolv", thinking that the name does not say that law. (And wrote the holy purity above a hand:)

According to the second understanding of art that can be said that the name would not rule out the work itself but creates the wrong "not to name" the victim whole, and therefore impossible to throw his blood. (Ezekiel vision and wrote the Tosefta, although the very assumption I did not think the name refers to the entire sacrifice some vision I"s and no room to extend it.)
Rabbi Avraham Fall

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