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Zvachim Daf 35 - sacrificed - Abfigol method

Sacrifices her page - Rabbi Eliezer Abfigol method

Mishnah (Lo.) presents a dispute about the conditions of worth eating calculates calculates Qatra hectare of edible;

"Slaughters the sacrifice to eat anything that way to eat, burn incense sacrifice anything that way - a minister, and Rabbi Eliezer rule."

Tanna Kamma position clear and simple. His view of art apart its time can create a law Figol only when she touches the victim's destiny impairs it. Therefore, parts of messengers is Qatra can damage just by thought Qatra except for its time, and calculates eating did not belong in relation to them.

However, Rabbi Eliezer's position also can foul by eating the proper calculates charged per hectare Note, we consider it in light of a temple Provide David (C-la):

"Think of eating the altar of human eating, Edpaligy RA RA Rabbis calculated to drink his blood tomorrow Oh Figol, should be investigated if calculated to drink his blood after sundown Oh Figol not - not from eating the altar on the island except a man eating his time Azlinne post about eating a man Dmaahsab , we Shlaachilo be apart for its time, Wa"ach because Edshkeiat sun does not belong is not eating or Azlinne except for the purposes of its time but its time to what it is and since the blood is O sunset shot his time. "

David Temple has settled opinion of Rabbi Eliezer is thought of eating but its time worth per hectare is defined by the action calculated to (eating) or the article thinks it (worth per hectare). It seems that both of these options are indicative of the two different ways to understand the position of Rabbi Eliezer -

A.. One can understand Rabbi Eliezer's renewal is in understanding the relationship between eating per hectare. We have seen on the no. There is a connection between eating and eating one altar. Rabbi Eliezer believes that the two actions are similar so you can see them in one operation, and thus calculates its time eating out is the thought Qatra except for its time.
In light of this understanding it seems that time will be determined by the object's original designation refers to the human. Per hectare for designated parts of action not related to eating order, and have no time other than time per hectare.
On. Although it raised the possibility in light of the Temple of David, which had Ahfigol determined by the time the action was calculated to make, wrote blessing Jacob (sacrifices Sid, Pat) who understand the position of Rabbi Eliezer in a different way. You may renew that act of eating is not the same operation per hectare, but the relationship between eating per hectare sacrifice. DCO two staff know the victim are not related to each other - there are parts Shmcctam per hectare and there are parts Shmcctam eating. Although according to Rabbi Eliezer two commandments in principle relate to the victim whole, but in practice there are parts that have the staff per hectare and there are parts that have the commandment of eating. So Rabbi Eliezer believes that thinking to make parts Moktrim the commandment of eating can foul them thought, as well as it relates to them in principle.
In light of this understanding will be understood that the time stating that eating time thought to make, since RA is a commandment reviews eating also belongs to the appropriate parts per hectare, and therefore calculates Figol set of orders in relation to this invitation.
Rabbi Avraham Fall

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