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Zvachim Daf 37 - sacrificed - shot ejaculation

Page Les sacrifices - shot ejaculation

Maimonides, the first law of the second chapter laws sculptural Ahmukedshin, wrote:

"All bloody Henitneen on the altar outside, if given only one gift atoned for, even the sin of one gift that counts and the other four gifts commandment, said Azaabhiach spill blood on the altar of the Lord thy God, the shedding of blood on the altar is of the essence"

Second Jewish law;

"And Henitneen injection Snetanne ejaculation came out, said blood Azaabhiach spill"

Money on the site over a year, how can learn to Maimonides the two laws from the verse 'blood Azaabhiach spill. Non, our issue on damp CA, expressly states that those who learn the teaching of the verse one can not learn from the second study. Money matter was pushed to say that -

"Through this award Alter seems to trust him that he just learned from the law more verse from the Talmud brings the Gemara to do so through several places"

Here, we try to settle the matter Koshiitv of money otherwise. Money matter itself, during the discussion of this law, notes that all of our issue is actually method Beis Shammai. After all, the Talmud page explicitly says EA pressure that those who believe as praise can learn that all the victims Snetanne one gift sin atoned Midian, in the opinion of Beit Hillel is also a sufficient one gift. Although this remark is not sufficient to reconcile the Rambam, as finally Maimonides does not learn the rest of the sin offering, but on the contrary, bring even the sin of the learning context Azaabhiach spill blood.

But that this comment itself is not sufficient to settle, however it opens us to develop to understand that learning may be limiting the passage of blood Azaabhiach necessarily spill one study, does not have even according Dbit Hillel.

Clarify the matter, turned interpreting disagreement Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai. Hillel is thought, because no sin can be satisfied with just one gift. The assessors, however, believe the sin is necessary to at least two gifts to the village.

The requirement for a number of gifts can be understood in two ways. You can understand the need for several acts of giving, and understand the need for the result - there will be several funds sinful blood. Can be argued that it just divided Beit Shamai and Beit Hillel. The assessors felt that the need for at least two first citizenship, is the result. Therefore, you can not rely on a single gift, since it did not achieve the purpose of disinfection of the altar. Know Beit Hillel, however, need a number of gifts is on giving practical addition. Although these acts are a requirement initially only and are not delaying the atonement.

In light of this, we will issue a damp page AE, engaged the rest of the victims provided the outside altar. If our words are honest, you can see why consider the question of the number of assessors the question of how acts of giving and giving as two separate questions. One question is whether you need a single injection or Two, a second question is whether you have to throw or spill. Therefore, you can not learn the two things one verse.

Know Beit Hillel, however, indicate that disinfects the most necessary act of giving one. In any case, there was only one question - the question of how giving: is it necessary to round the altar, blood, or just being brought to the altar. Here we need the difference between a shot ejaculation. The injection is a meaningful action by itself, whereas ejaculation is just a way to bring blood to the altar. Therefore, the focus ejaculation in the arrival of law is not blood, but in the arrival. As so, there is no particular need of blood surrounding the altar, and we need only one ejaculation. (Review to speed with Ahgree"aza on site, no ejaculation gifts division law, but only by injection)

Beit Shammai know it is not enough - even if we learn ejaculation giving useful, may need to be two separate acts of ejaculation.

Therefore, Maimonides, Hillel ruled, they could learn how to ejaculate, and the number of gifts, the same verse - "blood Azaabhiach spill, showing that hindsight is delaying giving way, and above all is the arrival of blood.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub

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