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Zvachim Daf 39 - sacrificed - remains detained

Lett sacrificed Page - remains detained

Vice Genesis chapter distinguishes between sins Sherman thrown on the outer altar, which in retrospect only inhibits one gift, and the sins of entering the Hall (on Yom Kippur hairy bull, bull suppress public's nothing Chopper Cohen Messiah) that Mtanvtihen inhibit the atonement. From this, the Gemara deals with pages for "- from the details of the work of internal sins, especially the distinction between information that do not inhibit or delay information. In this framework, say baraita page for "Page B:

"Village - though not the basis, shall be forgiven - even though he did not give songs. What did you see a thick rule Bahzaut train songs? Said rule Bahzaut inhibit everywhere, and a thick and songs that I inhibitory everywhere."

Baraita states that if we choose to sacrifice some detail not keeping order, the pick ups that victim spilling blood residues on the outer altar. Both these activities are not inhibited, usually, the sacrifice.

Add a site (DH village) comment that although not authorized spilling Ahshireime inhibitory, it is clear that they constitute an integral part of the victim's work:

"And Demi ups Dawea first blood work blood work stoves Nami Nina."

Add determine explicitly, spilling Ahshireime is an integral part of the blood work. But, if it should go back and find out: Why does not inhibit shedding Ahshireime the atonement? Rashi Vsugein commented on this, explaining:

"Shedding songs Maachaba - Outer according to all sin."

According to Rashi, the sins of Sherman thrown on the altar outside ALMA Sshireime thank'm not delay, and the victim went kosher even if the owner did not spill the Ahshireime on the altar. Therefore, it is probably also true inner sins, as they say baraita.

Add (DH device I) also favor the opinion of Rashi, but at the same time bearings According to our attention the previous page long. Name Matbarr that Lerabeinu over another method on Ahshireime:

"... The interpretation of Rabbeinu Tam Daicha Tanna who said outer tracks inhibitors."

That is, knowing that Rabbeinu Tam assumption of the sins of blood residues do not inhibit external dispute between conditions. He shares Tanna Rabbi Nehemiah, his words are discussed at length in the Talmud and additions on the previous page. Blank thing: Rabbi Nehemiah believes, urethra remnants of the victim out of the temple, but has since flosses. Well, presumably he did interpret the phrase "blood work" literally, and therefore determines there is no difference between the injection and the shedding of blood Gifts Ahshireime. Supplementation on longevity things for "Page A clarification concerns the opinion Rabbeinu Tam, and knowledge sharing on it.

Source spilling previous issue recalls remnants in (Lz.), and Chapter V (Ana.) found engaged in that issue. Focus of the discussion shed remnants One fundamental question is, is whether significant Ahshireime shedding sacrificial order, or any role is to remove the Ahshireime. This question becomes more acute in light of the discussion topic Vsogyitino - internal sins. The sins of the inner blood thrown, oil, on the inner altar (and Yom Kippur even the Holy of Holies). Well, we can say that blood is blood comes into contact with the temple, but not with the outer altar. Similarly, spilling Ahshireime comes complete this matter, and "introduced" the victim with the outer altar, which is the focus of all the victims of them.

However, as noted, can be seen shedding Ahshireime the only waste disposal: After the injection of blood remained, and since it is not respectable to throw the blood away, better to pour it on the altar. According to this way, even spilling Ahshireime is blood work done, it should not be particularly important, and it appears very likely that is not inhibiting.

As we have seen, baraita conclusion page for "Page B is, spilling the interior remnants sins is not delaying. However, the first debate very understanding Scatadtnu significant role of an ejaculation, as noted, a significant thing tractate dealing with various issues in this matter.
Rabbi Avihud Schwartz

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