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Zvachim Daf 41 - sacrificed - Per Cohen Chopper suppress anything Messiah

Ma page sacrifices - Per Cohen Chopper suppress anything Messiah

After a lengthy occupation halachic aspect of analogy between a bull Cohen Messiah Chopper suppress anything, the Gemara (Ma) also concerns the intellectual aspect of the analogy and ask why it took a bull young man to learn anything of Public Cohen violates the laws of the Messiah and not written explicitly:

"Debbie Tanna Rabbi Ishmael: Why were made more than two kidney bull Cohen Messiah, and nothing was said of the bull young man public?
King of flesh and blood than anger about love (Rashi: the public), rarely stench from his affections. "

The Gemara continues to develop the idea more meaningful public for close to God and says:

"Debbie engraved Rabbi Ishmael: Why was uttered" Holy Curtain "bull Cohen Messiah, and say nothing of the bull young man public?
King own flesh stench to state, if a minority stench - his Pmlia held, if a gun stench - there is not his Pmlia. "(Rashi: Since public Droab fallen supposedly not a saint)

This carefully try, given the Gemara, to investigate the relationship between having an affair bull bull Cohen Messiah boy thing.

Barely opened her already aroused the Ramban. All cases sins of stamps with the words "shall be forgiven him" Besides having an au Cohen Messiah. Ramban (Vayikra d b) wrote that the reason is that most of the priest's virtue does not sacrifice his village to beg Gd, but his words look a little crowded. Abarbanel suggested another option, and wrote the words "shall be forgiven them" bull affair boy at the end of the public which also endorsed Cohen affair Messiah earlier. Abarbanel explains this by the fact that "both sin of the forbidden and allowed provision, and it seems that he sees this as mere imagination comparison, but we will try to learn more essential point here.

Per affair public's nothing young man is described as a direct continuation of the bull Cohen Messiah - "And all the congregation of Israel and achievement." The sacrifice of a bull young man is described as a continuation of the previous affair - "and made bull when did bull of the sin offering" (there about), "burned with him when burned the first bull" (p. XXI). Also, the priest, the messiah who sinned first affair is carried out by the atonement second affair - "the priest brought the messiah blood of the bull to the tent of meeting."

Pest Torah can offer is actually the story of a priest, followed by the messiah sinner sinner entire nation, as Vahhazkony Ibn Ezra interpreted the words "sin if the messiah priest accused people" (p. C). This understanding seems that both bulls are actually one of the victims system (only at the end says "they shall be forgiven"), and therefore understandable why not sacrifice information repeated steer youth thing in detail.

In fact the sages were separated from the affairs and set each of which can exist separately, but you can find a clue to link between the case where sin at the same time the priest also the messiah and the public (parent XIII.)

"RF" and burned it when burned the first bull "- what the first TL? Having first witness before the bull in his actions.
RF: au Cohen Chopper witness stand Messiah - Messiah first bull bull Cohen witness all his actions, since the Messiah from the village committee to redeem, Dean atoning Lmatachfr is sooner. "

That is, when in fact the messiah priest also sin and the Community of Israel back to shaking the original law of the Torah that is one of the victims in a village priest, the messiah himself first and then returning from a village on the assembly of the congregation of Israel.
Rabbi Avraham Fall

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