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Zvachim Daf 43 - sacrificed - expiry expiry remains unclean Figol

Sacrifices Meg Page - expiry expiry remains unclean Figol

Meg page we meet two sayings. Mimera one is sentenced Ola -

"A handful of Figol brought on the altar expired Pigaolo him if other results in Figol he himself not to mention"

The Gemara discusses, concluded that Ola's intention was only to renew that handful Mapogal considered as one whole, and therefore its own light if located partly on the altar, you can upload on the altar even the part which is on the ground.

Mimera second is the parable of Rabbi Yohanan -

"Ahfigol remaining impure proprietor of a ban which expired altar"

Here too, the Gemara concludes that by Mshilat light of these prohibitions expire on the part raised above the altar.

However, please refer to the relation between the maxim. After all, if the right Rabbi Yohanan, fire altar confiscates the various prohibitions, what need have I explained Ola's special - "if not other is' How can bring to Figol"?

May be possible to explain this by reviewing the accuracy of a viceroy. Maimonides ruled both the words of Ola, Laws of sculptural Ahmukedshin C., J., and the words of Rabbi Yohanan, where in units went XXI. Viceroy, his commentary on the theory of Chapter III, precise words of Maimonides, that while that to raise the altar the second part of a handful Mapogal, no need to governance of a handful of mostly light, the law XXI, allowing prohibitions Figol interest remains unclean, requires Maimonides Mshilat most light.

It seems that we have two different laws. Rabbi Yohanan Dan expiry where Figol, left or impure from the raised to the altar, from becoming Achahpca wars altar. For this purpose, does require Mshilat mostly light of Ahahpca offered.

Ola, however, again went to specific laws Figol. Ahfigol not only rests on Ahahpca Mapogal, contamination, or remains, but also nothing wrong with the entire sacrifice. Therefore, the prohibition to the handful of the altar is not only prohibited from being a handful of itself denatured, but also from being a whole host Fogel, therefore, forbidden to continue the process of sacrifice. Ola's renewal was, because last person on the ban, raising the handful Mapogal on the altar, we find that this increase has a meaning, because it brings others to Figol, then this measure of sacrifice has already been done, and there is a ban completion. Anyway, no need for governance of a handful of mostly light, since there is no law making Ahahpca of a handful who fought the altar, and you can make do with governance a little light, because light means very Mshilat handful raising phase altar had been done.

It seems that it will be understood why the Gemara considers the main innovation of Ola Bahalatho altar of that part of the handful left on the ground. Training of a handful of countries also raised out of Rabbi Yochanan, and correct any prohibitions. But allowing the left down until more promotion Charm - This is a renewal of Ola, special Lapigol, raising the resulting phase also exists handful per hectare share. (And see resections near CA, plus DH is B EA handful, Wachma"l)

Conclusion - division between words Ola According to Rabbi Yohanan is that while Ola Dan sacrificial procedure, Rabbi Yohanan Dan Abahpca Mokreb. (See also the speed with Ahger"ah sculptural Ahmukedshin C, H, a similar letter, but a different style)
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub

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