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Zvachim Daf 45 - sacrificed - holy Ako"m

What sacrifices Page - holy Ako"m

Mishnah on what we learn about the controversy regarding the holy Gentiles conditions:

"Holy idolaters because they are obligated not left unclean Vahshuahtan Figol out the words of Rabbi Shimon exemption Rabbi Yossi requires"

A similar controversy Mishna we find contributions c, T.;

"Star blows contribution employee contribution Omaasharotan have dedicated a sanctuary ... ten employee contribution must tear it stars Chumash Rabbi Shimon Potter."

Why did Rabbi Shimon believed that some of my holy holy Ako"m Israel and these laws?

Possible that the answer to that is clearly secondary to Maimonides, the sub donations:

"Even though the nations are obligated not exhaustive, if you held them something to get them some reward. And the rules with us. Whereas receive their wages, their actions where there are as you see. "

Maimonides came to explain why the existence of the temples of the Gentiles have, but the explanation can be learned about why the various exemptions to these temples. It seems that the saint came to a positive result, a higher level than the holiness that comes from those who are not committed.

Apparently, things are puzzling. Finally, even in Israel there are many victims of charity, and never because we find those who would say these victims came from a handout and not as a duty, not commit them about eating Figol, left or unclean.

It seems that this interest explanation, according to the Talmud lecturer plate issue. Talmud states that looked no lectures about victims of the Gentiles defiled, because the serving looked said "they will", Gentiles do not people talk Nina. Rashi explains that the intention is that God is not compliant to the Gentiles.

That is, the difference in the sanctity of the victim is not related necessarily to identify the victim committed or not, but to identify the person who sacrifices committed. Jews there a relationship with God, which imposes many obligations on him. The fact that the Jewish person is in a relationship of command does, is make the sacrifices which he gives to God victims professors, even if they are time basis now for alms.

Gentile, by contrast, is running as does not command. Can he give give Lmarkoshu God, but giving it stands on its own, does not fit within a larger system of relationships with God - to.

It seems that Rabbi Yossi came to share the hanging of the sanctity of the victims if the dedicated commitment. In his opinion, the sacred does not stem from the dedicated, but the designation. And therefore - "I see all of them said they had worse."
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub

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