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Zvachim Daf 48 - Noah sacrificed - Slaughter at the top of the altar and Dean North

Noah sacrificed Page - Slaughter at the top of the altar and Dean North

Conditions is divided into holy shrines, which shall Loshachte north, are Loshachte on the altar. According to Rabbi Yossi, it can be done on the altar as a whole. According to Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Judah can it be done solely over the northern half of the altar.

At first, trying to hang the distribution Gemara about where the altar is located. According to Rabbi Yossi entire altar is in the North help, and therefore the entire slaughter kosher. According to Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Judah is the altar in the middle of help, when the southern half and half in the north. Anyway, my holy of holies kosher slaughter only the northern half of the altar. At this point, it appears that the Gemara does not attaches special importance to the slaughter at the top of the altar; The only question is whether the slaughter takes place in northern Help.

Indeed, the Gemara rejects this mounting, and proves that according to Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Yehuda altar is entirely in the south, yet the northern side kosher slaughter holy holy. Maimonides' ruling apparently, because no method of Rabbi Yossi, the entire altar kosher slaughter, is independent of the method that the altar in the north. After all, Rambam rules on the one that most of the altar in the south, only a minority in the north (the choice of the, M. - Tu) Rabbi Yossi the other hand, all kosher slaughter altar holy.

Rising from this is, Dean slaughter on the altar is not depends on the location of the altar, but the status of the altar are in North and side of the altar, as Shibuaar below.

As we know, the Torah commands that holy holy slaughter "on the side of the altar northward before the Lord." Fundamental question is whether the kosher slaughter, the head of the altar, kosher slaughter is more, or renewed Torah that included a head of the altar on the north side of the altar.

Maharam, grouped method presented in the letter, claims that the conditions dispute is the question itself about the law 'on the hip. Rabbi Yossi thought renewal of the Torah "and sacrificed peace on him" the Dean hip replacement, so you can kill all the entire altar. This is also why use of the word 'like', since it is kosher slaughtering another. Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Yehudah, however, realized that kosher slaughter is still hanging on a hip, but the Torah also renewed on the altar there is a fence of the hip. In any case, this fence is just opinion northern part of the altar, as before the altar are in the south (where the ramp it up to the altar), while the back - in the north (see grandparents with EA).

Maharam remarks published, please refer to the conditions Bahtiaahsutam trial 'North'. You can argue that the law is only part of North gender on the hip, and therefore the words of Rabbi Meir correct him, too. But may also argue that the North is Din Din and of itself, then it should examine whether Rabbi Yossi and Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Yehuda believe that this law is taking place at the altar.

One might argue, unlike some Maharam, that Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Yehuda require slaughter on the north side of the altar, because he understands that the North does not exist in law a particular area, but rather that wherever a person Shochat, he must slay the north of that place. Therefore , if the butcher is helping, at the back of the altar, to slay the north. if Shohat is the head of the altar, to slay the north.

Rabbi Yossi method, however, can be understood in one of two ways. Or he believes all the entire altar is set in the north, or he thinks there is no law at all North when slaughtered on top of the altar.

I would like to make an offer interpreting and distribution of Rabbi Yossi and Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Judah, according to Understanding North Dean. It seems that Rabbi Yossi believed the northern side selected slaughter holy holy, because it is more sacred side (and wrote Rsab"c commenting publicly Chapter Who replaced). If so, information giving head the whole altar would be no less sacred than the northern side of Help.

According to Rabbi Yossi, Rabbi Yehudah, however, the choice of the north side of the slaughter was not due to the holiness of this party, but on the contrary, being more hidden north side, located at the back of the altar and in front of him. Slaughter of the victim, especially slaughtering holy holy, is the process that should hide, as we find Yoma Ko IA, seven farmers raising the altar was going in that the priest was hidden slaughter, 'and it is through respect of the above. (See also Rashi sacrifices CA DH hand that 'Dlau guest Aar'a slaughter Hall)

If so, even when the Torah can be renewed slaughter on the altar, Aachti slaughter that left court in the northern part, which is the back, hidden more about the front. And yes, according to Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Judah is holy holy kosher slaughter actually the northern part of the altar.
Rabbi Baruch Weintraub

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