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Negative Commandment #17

Sefer Ha’mitzvos Ha’Katzar (The concise book of mitzvos)
By the Chofetz Chaim

This book lists the Torah mitzvos that can be observed today

Second Section – the Negative Commandments

17. It is a Negative Commandment not to turn one's attention to idols

As it states in Vayikra (Leviticus) 19:4, "Do not turn your attention to idols." It is forbidden to turn your attention to them in speech, thought, nor even in sight. It is forbidden to read idol worshipper's books or to ask them about their practices, because then you will turn your thoughts to their idols. Anyone who turns his attention to an idol through action deserves whipping.

This applies in all places and at all times, for men and for women.