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Negative Commandment #179

Sefer Ha’mitzvos Ha’Katzar (The concise book of mitzvos)
By the Chofetz Chaim

This book lists the Torah mitzvos that can be observed today

Second Section – the Negative Commandments

179. It is a negative commandment "a man may not wear the clothes of a woman"

as it states, "a man shall not wear the garments of a woman." Garments of a woman mean clothing or jewelry that is commonly worn by women in that city. Also if a man removes white hairs from black ones, no difference if it is from his head or his beard, even if it is only one hair, or if he dyes his hair black, even if it is only one white hair, then he has transgressed this negative commandment. According to the law of the Sages a man may not shave his underarms or normally covered areas. If a man removes hair from a place which only women normally remove hair from, he is given lashes for disobedience. It is permitted to remove hairs from other limbs using scissors.

This applies in all places and at all times.