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Mitzvah #44b

Sefer Ha’mitzvos Ha’Katzar (The concise book of mitzvos)
By the Chofetz Chaim

This book lists the Torah mitzvos that can be observed today

First Section – the Positive Commandments

44. It is a positive commandment to marry a woman through kiddushin (marriage ceremony)


We are commanded from our Holy Torah that if a person wants to divorce his wife because he found some indecency within her, he is permitted to divorce her with a get (Jewish divorce document) and according to Jewish custom, as it states in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 24:1, "And if she does not find favor in his eyes because he finds an indecency within her, he shall write her a get, a book of separation." All of the laws concerning the get should only be performed by wise rabbis that are famaliar with the subject of the get. Anyone that does not know the subject of get, even if he is very knowledgable in other areas of Torah, should not get involved with the get, because the get has many distinct, important details. Anyone that is not an expert in this area, is likely to make errors with them.

A woman with bad ideologies, which is she rejects faith in G-d and His Torah and is not modest in her ways like Jewish women should be, and certainly if she does not visit the mikveh (ritual bath) to purify herself when she needs to, it is a commandment to divorce her as it says in Mishlei (Proverbs) 22:10, "divorce the scorner and the contention will leave."

This is required in all places and at all times.