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One Minute Joke


Rich Man Last Wish

A very rich man is on his death bed. He has $1.5 million dollars in cash stashed in his volt and he does not want to leave it to anyone. So he calls over the neighborhood Priest, Minister & A Rabbi and tells them that he can only trust them, and his last wish is that when he dies he would like them to place the $1.5 million dollars cash in his coffin and then burry him. They each agree and he gives each one $500.000 dollars in cash. This rich man dies very shortly and the Priest, Minister & A Rabbi places the money in his coffins and the he gets buried. After the funeral The Priest, Minister & the Rabbi meet at Sara's Kosher Pizza Shop and the Priest tells them, you know we had so much trouble with the roof in our temple, I browed $20,000 to fix it. The Minster then proceeds and say, you know we had so much trouble with our air condition, the heater went out, the windows needed to be replace so we browed $30,000 to fix the temple. The Rabbi then says you know thank G-d we gave him back the whole amount we wrote a check for $500,000 and placed it in the Coffin.