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What is handwriting analysis?


Handwriting Analysis is the scientific study of handwriting and is invaluable in determining the personality and character of the writer.  It is a tool that is successfully being used by Human Resource Departments in hiring employees, psychologists to better understand their patients, school teachers and counselors to aid in a better student-teacher interaction, as well as medical and psychological diagnosis and criminal identification and questions of parole and rehabilitation.  


A proper analysis of one’s writing reveals  a host of personality and character traits that enable one to make important life choices. It can help individuals as well as corporations understand the disposition and character of those in whom they come into contact and in many cases have provided safety and security against a criminal element.


Since handwriting can  be analyzed in any language and is strictly confidential, one can be assured of the utmost integrity and security of the professional report. 

Who is Roxanne Perri?
A professional certified handwriting analyst who combines her expertise with marital therapy to provide clients with a short cut to find their beshert, understand their partner, promote marital harmony and hire the best employee.  With her "gestalt graphological" approach she cuts through the facade and reaches into the genuine mind/body/soul connection of the individual. "Graphology is the science of the future" - Albert Einstein.  The future is now.  To order your report go to and click on ORDER NOW.  See Roxanne's bio online/writer, lecturer, TV/radio personality.

…….call the personnel professionals today for your confidential report at 305-710-6095…..



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