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Behold I take it upon my self, BLI-NEDER
To guard my speech for this 2 hours: (Please pick any 2 hours while not sleeping) when Talking, Listening, Reading, Writing Or Viewing
In Honor / Z’chus of: (please insert the name of the person you are praying for and please specify verbally  your intention for: A Refuah, A Quick Recovery, Earning A Living, A Shidduch, etc..
Thank You
Tizko L’Mitzvot

you can change your hours and the name of the people at any time. We will be emailing you new names at the first of every month and on the 15 of every month new names.

Will find your Soulmate, And Make your Wedding, Cater your Seudah, Provide the Music And all of it totally FREE
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