Chayei Sarah 5777 – Your Money or Your Life?

In this week’s Parsha, it relates at length the subject of Avraham seeking an appropriate wife for his great son, Yitzchok. This was not a typical marriage. The stakes were high as Avraham foresaw that his son’s wife would be one of the 4 Matriarchs who would spawn the great Jewish Nation.
Avraham appointed his trusted servant Eliezer to conduct the search. Interestingly, Avraham had Eliezer swear that he would fulfill this mission faithfully. This is astonishing! The Torah tells us that Eliezer was a Moshel B’chol Asher Lo, The one who oversaw all of Avraham’s wealth!? Why would Avraham require his most trusted servant to swear when he himself entrusted all the keys? to Eliezer?!
There was a great Sage that was travelling through a town. A simple fellow who noticed the Rav’s saintly visage ran over to him and requested, “I have a cow which needs to be slaughtered in the proper way so that I can sell the meat?? The Rav , wanting to teach the fellow a lesson replied? Sure. I’ll be happy to do that for you. By the way, I’m running low on funds, is it possible you can lend me 100 ruble??
The man responded in amazement, How can I lend you money? I don’t even know you!?
The Rav replied, listen to what you have just said. When it comes to slaughtering an animal in the proper kosher way, you trusted me because I have a long beard! When it comes to your finances, you say, I don’t even know you?! You must get your priorities straight?
With Avraham it was just the opposite. When it came to his material wealth it was enough for him to recognize that Eliezer was trustworthy. However, in spiritual matters such as seeking the appropriate wife for his son who will play a great role in building the Jewish Nation, he required the extra precaution of Eliezer undertaking a binding oath.

By Rabbi Sharaga Thav

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