Facing the Unknow 5780 Corona Virus (לא עלינו)

In the morning, when the alarm clock rings it’s time for facing the real world. Despite that it’s a world we know quite well in which usually nothing dramatic happens, sometimes there’s an earthquake under our feet. Usually, disasters were confined in one location, but for the first time it affects the entire world.
Some are panicking witnessing the entire world being shaken up off its base. Others are exclusively focusing on their preparedness, as even though the situation is concerning but there’s since there’s not much can be done to change the course the events.
However, as Orthodox Jews what should be our attitude? How are we supposed to address these events? Is there a different message for us that we should see?
First, it’s a Mitzva Deoraiysa to be prepared and to follow the safety procedures to avoid getting contaminated as much as possible. It’s an Isur Deoraiysa not to get ready and to be a burden on the community later. It’s also an Isur Deoraiysa not to follow the safety procedures and to risk contaminating oneself and even more so others. People, who’s job entails being around lots of strangers, such as retailers, should not come to Shuls as they are endangering others.
Thus, there’s no reason to panic at all; Hashem is in charge as it’s His world! As in every difficult situation encountered by the Nation of Yisrael, Hashem has watched over us and will safeguard us. The world as we know it is changing, as it happened several times through history. However, no generation since the world creation has been more spoiled than ours. Think when it’s the last time you ate stale potato chips! If they’re not crispy they end up in the garbage. What we call garbage previous generations called it delicacies. There’s never been an abundance of food and wealth in the world as in this generation. The table of a poor person, today, has more food than the rich of previous generations. As in every difficult situation the world has known, Jews have been blamed, and this one will unfortunately be no exception. Esav will remain Esav and Yaakov will remain Yaakov. The troubles start when Yaakov tries to resemble Esav. This triggers the hatred of the nations toward us. Bnei Yisrael are identified to oil that can never

be mixed with water. Just as Haman said to Achachveirosh, Jews are different so Esav will always remind Yaakov. Trying to “blend” is actually exposing oneself to danger.
There are writings from previous Mekubalim and Rebbes from generations ago who anticipated and even predicted these events. Rav Shalom Shaaravi and the Komarna Rebbe have informed us that preceding the Mashiach there will be pandemics in the world. Hashem with His great Mercy has sent a very mild pandemic that affects more the world’s financials rather than threatening the health. Rav Yitschak Kaduri wrote 40 years ago, to prepare for Mashiach after the 70 years from the declaration of independence of Israel expire. He wrote, there will be 3 elections, one after the other, without succeeding to have a government. This happens before our eyes.
I can go on pages describing what I’ve learnt from my Rabbis about the virus and why it was given a Spanish, name as Corona means Crown. However, this won’t change the bottom line, the world is facing its Yom Kippur. Because of the opulence, politicians have forced upon us immorality and theft as being the normal norm. Haughtiness became the new definition for self-confidence. Hashem despises immorality, theft and haughtiness more than anything. When a cloth is dirty it’s being washed, the same is true for the world. There are many examples of it in the Torah. The Zohar states, the sign for Mashiach arrival is: Around Purim the world will be shaken up. At Pesach time, miracles will be visible to the naked eye and at Shavuos the Mashiach will come. We’re definitely living in those times. In previous generations also there were opportunities for Mashiach to come, such as the Lubavitcher Rebbe [I’m not Lubavitch, but even the Mekubalim agree], Rav Mordechai Eliyahu who was the head of the 36 hidden Tzadikim of Eretz Yisrael. [I have heard this from my Rabbi who’s one of the giants of the generation in Kabala].
Just to bring some calm let’s check the message in the words. ק ורונה [Corona] gematria is וּ מ שי ח בא [and Mashiach comes]. Corona in Kabala is the כ תר , the one in charge of punishing the evildoers [As in the Shmonei Esrei, the 12th Beracha regarding the miscreants and those who speak Lashon Hara, is directed to the Keser]. The prove is in the very name of the virus as Corona Coved-19 in gematria is 418, the exact numerical value of Sin [ ח ]. טאת On the other hand, it’s also the

numerical value of “ כ י א נ י יהו”ה רוֹ פ אך ”, “I am Hashem your healer” Exodus 15:26). In other words, it’s time to do Teshuva in order to deserve the healings from these dangers.
Just as in Purim two of the 13 attributes of misericord were used to perform the miracle we know. Nowadays too two of these attributes are in action, as 418 is also the numerical value of נוֹ צר ח סד “Extending Kindness” (Exodus 34:7). This should lead to great salvation for the Nation of Israel, in ease and without harm. Especially as it is also the numerical value of ו יוֹ שע יהו”ה “Hashem delivered” (Exodus 14:30)

By Rabbi Shimon Fridmann

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