Shemos 5775 – Moshe Is His Name

She named him Moses, and she said, “For I drew him from the water.” (Shemos 2:10)

Yeshiva Toras Chaim in North Miami Beach recently published a book called “Courage to Change”, which is a compilation of Divrei Torah from its Rebbeim. I’d like to share one of them on this week’s parsha.

In this week’s parsha, we have the birth of the greatest Jewish leader, Moshe Rabenu. After he was born, he was hidden for three months and then was sent in a basket down the Nile. Basya (Pharoah’s daughter) miraculously saved him and gave him the name “Moshe”, which means “from the water I withdrew him”.

Moshe had 10 names. The name that Hashem called him, though, was Moshe – which was his Egyptian name. Hashem specifically chose this name to teach Moshe a lesson: you were miraculously saved; always remember that you were saved because there is a certain mission I kept you alive for.

It is a miracle that we are all still here and alive today. It is a miracle that there are any Jews left after all of the persecution we’ve gone through. But we’re still here and Hashem wants each one of us here. Believe me, if Hashem didn’t want you alive today, He has many ways he can get rid of you.

Moshe was saved and Hashem called him by this name to remind him that he was there for a purpose. The same is with us. We might not all be named Moshe (even someone reading this might be named Moshe), but we have a special name and it is a miracle we are here and alive today. This is because we have a mission that we must accomplish.

Good Shabbos!
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