Shemos 5776 – New Year’s Resolutions

The bush was burning with fire (Shemos 3:2)

When the Torah mentions Moshe at the burning bush, it mentions a flame, an angel, and Hashem. Moshe noticed these three images in the burning bush. First, Moshe saw that there was a flame in the bush, but the bush was not being consumed. This seemed strange to him and made him turn towards it. After he did this, an angel spoke to Moshe. Finally, Hashem spoke to Moshe. This was Moshe’s first prophecy. The Stone Chumash points out the reason why Moshe had to interact with these three things in this order. It was so Moshe could ultimately greet Hashem. If Hashem just suddenly appeared to Moshe, it would have been too large of a change for him and he would not have been able to handle the experience. Therefore, Hashem gradually did things so Moshe would be able to accept Him. First, He sent the flame, which was not too much out of the ordinary. Then, Hashem sent an angel. Finally, Hashem Himself appeared.

This week is Jan 1, the secular New Year. Many people across the globe make a New Year’s Resolution… but not many are successful. One stat said that only 8% of people are actually successful regarding their resolution. Over 50% of people do not even keep their resolution for a month. I think one of the reasons might be because people try to make a big change. They take on too much and lose their motivation when they don’t reach their goal within the first few days or weeks. Instead, they should make gradual changes.

Let’s say someone wants to lose 40 pounds this year. The first month, the person should focus on not losing any pounds. He should focus on trying to improve the way he eats and exercises. He should slowly add fruits and vegetables to his diet. He should exercise for 5-10 minutes a day more than he does now. Then, as these changes become habits, he will begin to lose the pounds. One step needs to be taken at a time.

Gradual changes are the key to be successful.

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