Shemot 5777 – Respect Your Older

Shemot 3:13 – Respect Your Older –
We find in this Parsha, the unique Middos Tovos-fine character traits of Moshe and Aharonן. Hashem spent a week trying to convince Moshe Rabbeinuו to be the leader to take the Jews out of Egypt. Moshe did not want to, as Rashi says, because he felt that this would make his older brother feel bad. For many years, while Moshe Rabbeinu was away living in Midyan Aharon was the leader of the Jewish Nation. Moshe was concerned that Aharon would be unhappy to lose this position and not just lose it, but to give up this position for his younger brother.
And what was the reaction of Aharon when he met Moshe and heard that Moshe was going to be the new leader? Hashem told Moshe, that when Aharon sees Moshe, “He will see you and rejoice in his heart! He will see and not just act happy but he will really be happy in his heart.
Rashi says that because of this happiness in Aharon’s heart, he merited to wear the Choshen one of the garments of the High Priest on his heart.
We learn from Moshe that it is worth it to give up something precious, to be sensitive, and not to cause another person to feel bad and we learn from Aharon to be truly happy for another person’s success, even if we seem to lose from it.

By Rabbi Sharaga Thav

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