Shmini – People don’t die they just move on!

Vayikra 10: 1-2 and 12
The 2 sons of Aaron died 10:1-2 and still Mosh tells them to continue the Ha’Voda, continue working and bring the sacrifices to G-d.

In Masachet Brachot 17:1 the halaca is that an Onen does not do any type of work, when one is involved in a Mitzva he is Patur / Exempt from any other Mitzvot! So since Aaron and his 2 children were Onanim they were involved in Burring their family member they should have been exempt from all other Mitzvot. So why were they commended by Mosh to continue working (10-2)?

Rabbi Shimson Rafael Hersh says that the Cohen Gadol and his children had to put their personal pain aside the feeling of their own wounded selves.
Rabbi Hersh adds that since the whole nation was watching them they had to put their personal feeling aside. Why?

He answer that Before G-d there is no such thing as Death and the one who has been called away (expired) as only change the scene of his existence .

Yes we are sad, we are morning for our loved ones but before G-d there is no Death it’s just this worlds and the next world in the eyes of G-d the Nashama could be on this planet earth or up above there is no difference to G-d and so when all of Beni Israel were watching, the Koahnim had to convey that feeling so that all that were watching can acknowledge and understand that there is no such thing as death just a separation from down here to up there.

Rav Hersh quote Masacchet Horayot 6:1 and says: “The nation too knows no death” “Ain Tizbur Mat” “the congregation does not dies”. What does that mean?
He says that generations comes and goes, and all Past and Future generation are present.

Yes to us death is painful we will surely miss our loved ones but G-d is relating here a very important message people don’t die they just move on.

Rabbi Yamin Goldsmith

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