Va’eira 5770 – Give the kid a break

“Moshe spoke before Hashem saying ‘Since the Children of Yisrael did not listen to me, how will Pharoah listen to me, as my lips are covered.'”
-Shemos 6:12

I recently heard a lecture from Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein where he explained that Moshe did not live an easy life. If Moshe was alive today, he probably would need to constantly see a psychologist. Let’s review some of the events.

Moshe’s parents separated because his father was afraid a son would be born who would be thrown into the river to die. Miriam convinced Amram to remarry Yocheved and a baby boy is born. Amram is not happy. So, Moshe’s first moment in life is that his father does not want him. After three months, his mother then gets rid of him also by sending him in a basket down a river. Luckily, he is saved in the river, but it is from the daughter of one of the most wicked people who ever lived. Moshe grows up and sees an Egyptian man beating a Jew. He saves the Jew by killing the Egyptian, but then the next day, the same Jew he saved tells Pharoah about the terrible crime Moshe committed. Pharoah attempts to kill Moshe, but through a miracle, he is saved. He runs to Midian and sees some girls who are being harrassed by the locals. He saves them and they run home to tell their father of the great man that saved them. When Yisro finds out that this man is on the run from Pharoah, he throws Moshe in jail for seven years, refusing to feed him, so he would die. Yisro ran away from Pharoah when he was younger and did not want to known as hiding out a fugitive; it would only cause problems for him. Moshe only survived because his future wife, Tzipora, fed him food every day. Finally, he is let out of the jail and becomes a shephard, when one day, he sees a burning bush. G-d tells Moshe to go to Egypt and save the Jews. Moshe argues for seven days that he does not want to go, but G-d gets angry and sends him. Moshe goes to Egypt and tells Pharoah to let the Jews go free. Pharoah responds by making things worse for the Jews. Moshe wants to quit, but G-d won’t let him. Why doesn’t G-d just give the kid a break?

Although Moshe’s life was extremely difficult and Moshe wanted to give up many times, G-d continued to push him. The reason is because G-d knows how great a person can become. He knows how much a person can handle. He knew Moshe could complete this mission and be the greatest Jewish leader that ever lived, even though Moshe himself did not realize it. Whenever G-d puts us through a hard situation, He knows we can pass the test. He does not let anything happen that we cannot be successful with.

It was the holy Shabbos day and word was being spread that a fire had broken out in the business area of the city next door. Upon hearing about the devasting fire that burned all of the buildings, one of the business owners collapsed. They revived him, but immediately, he collapsed again. The holy rebbe of the shul came to the man and told him that there was a terrible fire, but his business was not affected. After Shabbos ended, a group of people went to the neighboring city and found every building burned to the ground, except for the building of the person who had collapsed. How did the Rebbe know his building was not affected? The Rebbe explained that he saw the person could not handle such a test and Hashem never sends a test that a person cannot handle.

Good Shabbos!
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