Vaera 5773 – Compromising

And there was hail and fire flaming within the hail (Shemos 9:24)

— This is a miracle within a miracle. The fire and hail intermingled. Although hail is water, to perform the will of their Creator they made peace between themselves. (RASHI)

Fire melts ice. Melted ice turns into water and puts out a fire. Fire and ice are very opposite from each other and do not like each other at all. But they learned to compromise and work together with each other. If they can compromise then so can we.

Moshe Rabenu knew that he was a great person and when he went searching for a wife, he was looking for a great woman. He wanted the top girl in seminary – a very learned tzadekes. He wanted a father-in-law who was a Talmid Chacham. What did he find? He found the daughter of an idol worshiping priest. Some might think he should have just not gotten married, but he did — and this teaches us a lesson. We have certain things we need to do. Things do not always work out as we plan, but we need to make decisions based on what we have available at that moment. Out of all of the options Moshe had, Tzippora was his best choice, even though she wasn’t what he might have thought as the perfect match.

This teaches us a great lesson regarding compromising. We all have ideas when we go into a negotiation of what would be best for us. Certain factors can affect our choices though and we many times we are not able to choose what we think is the best option. In that case, we need to find the next best option and take it.

A person should not think that he is losing by doing this. Look at who Moshe’s wife was? In last week’s parsha, Tzippora saved Moshe’s life. Moshe was able to rise even higher because his wife understood his mission and supported him. She WAS the perfect wife for him. Moshe might have thought that Tzippora was not perfect for him, but if a person does his best, Hashem makes sure that it works out for the best.

When a person compromises, the situation might not be what looks like the best option, but in the end it is always the best. When a person compromises with another, the other person will learn to compromise with you in the future. All of your negotiations with others will end in a win-win situation. And even if it looks like it does not end in a win-win situation, Hashem will make sure you get a “win” because you did what is right.

If fire and ice can work together then everyone can work together.

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